Homeless encampments to not be allowed near Sacramento schools


SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — The Sacramento City Council passed a resolution to make it illegal for homeless encampments to be near schools. 

Schools were officially added to the list of critical infrastructure during a city council meeting on Tuesday. People living in encampments that are not at least 500 feet away from schools could face fines. 

According to the city, camping at or near certain locations was prohibited for the “protection of critical infrastructure and wildfire risk areas in the interests of public safety.”

Other locations where camping is not allowed are, “but is not limited to, government buildings, such as fire stations, police stations, jails, or courthouses; hospitals; structures, such as antennas, bridges, roads, train tracks, drainage systems, or levees; or systems, such as computer networks, public utilities, electrical wires, natural gas pipes, telecommunication centers, or water sources.”

The resolution on Tuesday passed unanimously.

Another recent city ordinance passed recently prohibits city sidewalks from being obstructed, requiring at least 4 feet of width for pedestrians or vehicles to pass. 

In August, Sacramento County voted to prohibit camping along the entire American River Parkway. That ordinance also does not allow camping near youth-serving facilities, shelter perimeters, wildlife or food risk areas, and critical infrastructure. 


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