Helinox Tactical Line Review: Durable Camping Furniture With A Militaristic Aesthetic


Helinox Tactile Review

Helinox is a well-recognized brand of camping gear (furniture specifically) that has built its name on the impeccable form of its products, its functionality in the field, and the comfort it brings to its brand loyalists. Anyone serious about hiking, camping, backpacking, and the wilderness overall likely has one or two of the South Korean companies’ products on their wish list (and they’re about to add another).

Helinox recently released its Tactical Collection of camping furniture with an innovative “Field Office” concept that helps packers, outdoor-content creators, rangers, and anyone working on the go and in the bush hit their deadlines in style.

We were sent some pieces from the collection to review. After taking them out for a rainy weekend camping trip in the Pacific Northwest, I quickly found that this entire line is fast going to become my new go-to trail bundle of camping furniture. 

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My Favorite Features Of The Helinox Tactical Line

Helinox Tactile Review

Here are some standup features I found in the Helinox Tactical Line of camping furniture. 

Its Durability

When you’re on the trail, durability is a necessity. I learned this lesson when I was younger and bought a flimsy camping cot for a three-day trek because it was all my college-age income could allow me to do. The first night in, it ripped, and I spent the rest of the nights sleeping on the dirt.

But anecdotes aside, this entire line of camping furniture passes this first and more critical test of camping equipment with flying colors. 

This is likely due to Helinox’s exacting standards in durability, composing their products from high-quality aluminum, durable nylon, and other quality fabrics. But if anything goes awry, Helinox has a generous warranty plan and can happily replace anything that breaks within five years of purchase.

It’s Compact

All the furniture included in the Tactical Line breaks down into tight and compact bundles that are easy to store, hang from your pack, and carry. This makes traveling with these pieces easier than many of Helinox’s competitors. 

The pieces are also lightweight, which doesn’t matter as much for day hikes and stationary camping trips. But it can make all the difference for longer treks that span upwards of five days or more. 

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It’s A Flex

Okay, I know this isn’t the priority for many outdoors people. But Helinox is a highly respected brand and having even a few of their pieces in your kit is a major flex to those in the outdoors community.

While hiking with these on the trail, I received a couple of questions and comments from fellow hikers about them who recognized the branding. Even my dad, a sawyer who works on the Pacific Crest Trail, expressed his envy when I showed him the pieces I got for review. 

So sure, while this item might not be at the top of the list for many, it should be worth mentioning that it’s always fun to have an excellent piece of gear in your kit from a brand as well-respected and recognized as Helinox. 

What I Wasn’t That Crazy About

After using some of these pieces on the trail for a weekend, I concluded that, despite their many merits, they might not be perfect for everyone. Here are a couple of points that stood out to me when using the Helinox Tactical Line of camping furniture.

Its Aesthetic Might Not Be For Everyone

TacticalFieldOfficeM_Multicam (4)

I love the militaristic vibe and aesthetic of these camping pieces, and I know a ton of those in the outdoors community will feel the same. Still, I want to get ahead of the haters and say that the pseudo-commando and military aesthetic won’t do it for some people. 

Stylized camping equipment like this has been increasingly popular lately. As a result, those opposed to the style and the ideologies it propagates have become more vocal in their distaste.

But hey, if it’s not for you, don’t buy it! I’m a sucker for an olive drab, burnt umber, and black color scheme on anything I’m doing or buying.

It’s Not That Ergonomic

Helinox Tactile Review

The center piece in this Tactile Line of furniture is the Tactile Field Office, and it feels like all the other elements are built with this at its center. That being said, the pieces don’t work together n perfect harmony to achieve this end. 

Sure, the table is heavy-duty and sturdy, but the chairs and other pieces are far from ergonomic enough to incentivize working on the go as much as they claim you’ll be able to.

On their own, each piece of the Tactile Line looks fantastic and feels comfortable. Even all together, they look amazing and are an easy addition to my field kit. I think they are more conducive to leisurely camping activities and life than more work-related ones, like writing this article right now (or, worst yet, editing videos or audio for content creation). 

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