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An Oceanside, California, man who was lost in the Southern California backcountry for two weeks is rescued by a couple after they heard him calling out for help. On Black Friday, Allison Scott and her boyfriend were camping in the San Bernardino National Forest when they found a man in distress. “We were underneath a flight path and an airplane went by pretty low and we heard someone yelling for help,” she explains.

Scott’s boyfriend called out to the man to let him know that they could see him. “He had a stick with a water bottle on it trying to signal,” Scott recalls. “He couldn’t walk. His feet were extremely swollen and infected just from walking so much, and possibly the cold where he was.” When they reached the man, who identified himself as Eric, he explained that he’d been lost in the wilderness for two weeks and had been living off a half-empty jar of salsa to survive.

The campers called 911 and within a few minutes, a San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department rescue helicopter arrived and evacuated the man, who was reportedly suffering from “minor injuries,” to a waiting ambulance. Before parting, Eric told Scott that he was sorry he spoiled their camping trip and that he wanted to treat them to dinner if they ever made it to Oceanside.

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