Go Camping Halloween Weekend at the Most Haunted Campgrounds in the U.S.


Have you ever wanted to stay somewhere haunted in the spirit of the spooky season? Here’s your chance by camping at some of the most haunted campgrounds in the U.S.

Researched by RVTrader.com, the camping vehicle website compiled a list of the spookiest campgrounds to travel to this year, if you dare.

1. Braley Pond, Virginia

At first, this camping site was used for fishing and hiking in the 1960s when it was constructed by the U.S. Forest Service. However, it turned into one of America’s most haunted campsites after many believe an old gang murder began the creepy occurrences many people experienced while staying at the campground.

Shea Willis, a paranormal researcher and empath, told The Dyrt that while traveling with a group she felt uneasy. Two people in her group became sick and left. However, Willis and another member stayed the night. During the night, she saw “unexplainable sights” in the trees and the water. She also felt something crawl up her back when helping her partner who fell into the pond, and experienced for nightmares weeks after staying at the haunted location.

2. Lake Morena County Park, California

Located outside of San Diego lies the most remote reservoir in the country. While staying in the “vast desert and mountain landscape,” many have witnessed a man who could “walk on air,” while others have spotted a woman in a long white dress and have heard “heavy” footsteps in the area.

3. Holy Ghost Campground, New Mexico

The appropriate name for this campsite is located in a “steep canyon” in the Sante Fe National Forest. The legend says the name was given due to a priest that killed the Pueblo people who lived in the area in the late 17th century. However, other people believe it was the Pueblo people who killed the priest in self-defense. To this day, the priest haunts the campground.

Many people have experienced hearing chanting in the forest, seen shadows lurking in the trees and disappearing state troopers.

the most haunted campgrounds in the U.S.
A family prepares a meal outside of an RV. In research conducted by RVTrader.com, the website discussed the top six most haunted campgrounds in the United States.
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4. Bannack State Park, Montana

The campground is located in an area of Bannack that was popular for its mining as it was the sight of a major gold discovery in 1862. Due to this, people traveled there in hopes of getting rich. At one point nearly 5,000 people inhabited the town, which led to violence including shootouts and hangings.

Henry Plummer, the sheriff of the town at the time, was thought to be moonlighting as an outlaw, thus creating a vigilante committee of leaders around the region to stop the town’s criminal activity. This group was responsible for the hanging of Plummer among other potential criminals. Some believe that Plummer’s spirit haunts the campground.

Other people have reported sounds of someone crying and sightings of a teenage girl, specifically at Hotel Meade, a “hotspot” for lingering spirits.

5. Hunting Island State Park, South Carolina

As the park has more than 1 million visitors each year, many come to visit the alleged haunted Hunting Island Lighthouse. One tale describes an old lighthouse keeper who did their best to save a boy who was drowning but ultimately failed. Many have reported that they can see the lighthouse keeper on the beach trying to find the boy to save him.

Another story is told about a lighthouse keeper’s daughter who jumped off the top of the lighthouse. The legend says that if you climb up the stairs of the lighthouse, you might just hear her moans.

Some say another lighthouse keeper’s spirit continues to do their job, even if they passed on.

Many people have reported hearing knocking on their doors at the late hours of the night.

6. Carl G. Washburne Memorial State Park, Oregon

While many think of ghosts on the scarier side, a spirit named Rue who haunts the Carl G. Washburne Memorial State Park is a rather helpful spirit. Rue is an alleged former caretaker of the property and the Heceta Head Lighthouse. Employees of the area have experienced Rue wanting to help them with their duties as well as reported her moving items in rooms and sitting on beds.

“It’s a thrill to see experiences that campers report encountering at a campground
for them to earn a haunted title,” Lori Stacy, a representative of RVTrader.com told Newsweek. “All of the stories have a shocking component that makes them entertaining to hear and a must to share with RVers looking for adventure.”

“However, if you are not a fan of Halloween haunted tales, these campgrounds are all located in beautiful areas with great accommodations and tons of high-star reviews on the awesome experiences campers have had staying there,” she said.

Stacy also revealed one of the more surprising stories they’ve discovered in their research is the Braley Pond campground due to the creepy stories and chilling experiences people have witnessed.

If you’re new to traveling in an RV, Stacy gave Newsweek some tips to get you started. It is best to plan your arrival at a specific campground while it’s light outside to get your RV set up properly. In case of an emergency, have a kit with specific tools and products to keep you and your party safe.


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