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You can’t put a price on sleeping under the stars. And while camping means replacing your bed with a tent and sleeping bag, we believe that you should still be able to get a good night’s sleep — even if you are snoozing on the ground. Sure, you can bring a camping cot or air mattress along, but those can be quite cumbersome to pack and carry to the campsite. If you always wake up with an achy back, hips, and shoulders or have difficulty falling asleep when you’re camping (and want to travel light), Amazon shoppers have discovered the ultimate hack: the Zermatte Camping Sleeping Pad.

Made with high-density memory foam, the reviewer-loved mattress pad has a moldable core that contours to your body, providing firm cushioning under your sleeping bag to the areas that need it. In fact, it’s so comfortable that one camper admitted they “sleep better on this than I do on my mattress at home.” The mattress pad also has a plush top that significantly boosts comfort, so much so that a reviewer said it “feels like I’m laying on my bed at home.” A waterproof, anti-skid coating on the bottom increases the pad’s durability while ensuring that it won’t move around throughout the night, even if you’re one to toss and turn.

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To buy:, $85 (originally $100)

The sleeping pad comes in a variety of sizes, ranging from standard cot (75 inches by 25 inches by 2.75 inches), single (75 inches by 30 inches by 2.75 inches), twin (75 inches by 38 inches by 2.75 inches), and twin XL (79 inches by 38 inches by 3 inches). In fact, you can score the standard cot size for 15 percent off right now, a deal that brings its $100 price tag down to $85. Included with the price are a set of comfort-fit earplugs and a gel sleeping mask to ensure you get some Zs on your journey.

You can also save up to 38 percent on the brand’s kids’ camping sleeping pads, which are available in small (57 inches by 24 inches and 2.75 inches) and standard (63 inches by 26 inches by 2.75 inches). There’s no telling how long these deals will last, so we recommend adding them to your cart, especially if you have a camping trip coming up.

Designed with convenience in mind, the sleeping pad rolls up and has strong compression straps so it doesn’t take up space in your bag or trunk. You can even wear it as a backpack if you’re on the move. And when your camping excursion is over, you can pop the removable cover in the wash to keep it looking (and smelling) fresh and clean.

According to one camper, the Zermatte Camping Sleeping Pad helped “provide ample cushion from the very rough ground where we had to set up our tents,” while also creating a “thermal barrier between the ground and my sleeping bag.” It also allowed another shopper to sleep comfortably without any “aches and pains.” As for its packability, a reviewer said it “​​rolls up easily” into its storage sack, which they pointed out fits the sleeping pad “perfectly.” It can also be used for car camping and road trips, as one shopper noted.

Beyond the great outdoors, reviewers say it comes in handy as an air mattress on weekend trips or when you’re entertaining guests, as well as a yoga mat. Some pointed out that it adds cushioning to hotel rollaway beds and pull-out couches, too. In fact, there were a handful of Amazon customers who were happy to report that the sleeping pad made creaky guest beds and lumpy couches more comfortable — so much so that one buyer said they had “​no back pain at all during our two-week visit,” and the mattress pad “rolled up and fit inside our suitcase.”

Give your camping game a major upgrade with the Zermatte Camping Sleeping Pad. Get one on Amazon today while it’s on sale for $85.


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