Gas prices affect camping and summer travel


STREETSBORO, Ohio — Fuel prices are at a record high, but people will still travel for the Fourth of July holiday weekend and all summer. Although, how far and how often people travel will change with the cost of gas. 

What You Need To Know

  • The cost of gas is affecting people who enjoy camping
  • A lot of campers are traveling less distance to campsites and less often
  • Other campers are going on their trips regardless of the price of gas doubling the cost to fill up their RVs and campers

The KOA campsite in Streetsboro is fully booked for the holiday weekend, but the general manager of the site said that he is seeing fewer people travel from further distances. 

Bill and Valerie Stack love to camp, but the increase of gas prices has changed how often and where they camp.

“We’ve been going to campgrounds not too far, within three or four hours of home instead of traveling further,” Bill Stack said.

“And not as frequently as normal,” Valerie Stack added. 

Filling up their camper just once costs approximately $200, which is double what it used to be.

The increase in the expense of gas has not stopped all campers from traveling.

Casey Massey and her family traveled from Florida to Ohio. They also have more stops before they head home. 

It is the Massey family’s first big RV camping trip.

“A couple years ago, we probably would have done more honestly, but the plan was already made for this trip, so we made sure to work it in,” she said.


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