Fortnite Storm sickness feature makes camping in the storm impossible


The latest feature to be added to Fortnite is a downer for storm campers and those who try to heal in the storm or win matches. In the past, there have been several ways to workaround storm damage. However, in Chapter 3 Season 3, Epic Games has put an end to that.

Thanks to Storm Sickness, players can no longer use the storm to their advantage. While they can camp with medical supplies, light a campfire or use a tent to heal, the damage sustained is far too great. Although the seven-minute timeframe does provide a brief opportunity to do so, it’s not enough to win the game.

Nevertheless, it would seem that some players have found a solution to this peculiar problem by using Med Mists. But even so, the game seems to have developed a mindset of its own when it comes to dealing with those trapped in the storm.

There’s no escaping the Storm in Fortnite Chapter 3

In a tweet addressed to Fortnite’s developers, a group of players can be seen trying to storm-camp. While this is not out of the ordinary, what is unique is that the damage taken from the storm increases exponentially.

It’s unclear how they got trapped in this situation, but it would seem that they rebooted a teammate. Even before they could find a healing item, the storm claimed them. Towards the end of the video, a player with more than half their health was instantly killed as well.

According to the information, from the eight-minute mark of storm camping, players will begin sustaining 15 damage every second. This will last until they can escape the storm or despawn. Since there is no warning on the player’s screen, it can be assumed that they never reached the time limit.

However, it would seem that Epic Games is not only deterring campers but heal-offs as well. They have either added this feature on purpose or it is a bug of some kind that made it into the game.

@sebyrr2 @Qrei9 @FortniteStatus storm sickness makes the storm do 3x the damage they found a way around it theres just some bugs right now they are just getting removed from the game

While it may not be a good look for the developers, this is by far the best fail-safe mechanism to prevent storm camping. Although it’s brutal, it’s a brilliant move on the developers’ part. This foolproof system will ensure that no one will ever be able to camp in the storm again.

Is this Storm Sickness a good move?

For the majority of the community, Storm Sickness is a blessing. Since most players prefer to meet their demise in combat, lurking like a prowler within the storm is not their playstyle and is not appreciated by the community.

Furthermore, with this system in place, it ensures that players must move to the end zone rather than take their time and heal off with medical supplies. While some might argue that this is gatekeeping or Epic Games limiting players, it’s a far cry from the truth. Here’s what players have to say:

@6thumbs @Qrei9 @FortniteStatus the thing is that the qrei strat is about collecting items till the very last minutes of the game. They just can’t rotate cause they won’t have any healing then. Big W from Fortnite tho

@Qrei9 @FortniteStatus I don’t think you’re meant to “figure out” how it works, seems like it was designed to prevent heal off entirely

@Qrei9 @FortniteStatus Great: storm sickness prevents the annoying heal campers from doing their thing. Bye!

Players were never meant to survive the storm. The entire point of the Battle Royale matches was to fight to the death. So, even though Storm Sickness may seem a bit extreme, it will improve the quality of life in Fortnite. While not everyone may agree, most players are happy with these changes.

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