Five of the Best Whiskeys (and Flasks) for Camping


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With temps on the rise and long days on the horizon, it’s time to break out your trusty flask and try some slow sippers on your next adventure. Whiskey is our preferred drink for camping trips because it’s compact in a flask and mixes well with coffee and company — but like all good spirits, the whiskey you take outdoors should elevate your experience.

For that reason, we’ve searched high and low to find the best whiskeys for camping whether you’re pairing it with a dehydrated meal or relaxing around the campfire after miles on the trail. And for good measure, we’ve added a few camp-worthy flasks to store your beloved spirits. Kick back, relax and enjoy.

Limestone Branch Yellowstone Select Bourbon Whiskey is some of the best camping whiskey you can buy in 2022

Limestone Branch Yellowstone Select

Limestone Branch

Inspired by the American West but crafted using prized Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey, Yellowstone Select is an award-winning spirit made with a blend of four- and seven-year bourbons. You’ll get a warm fuzzy feeling when you buy a bottle not only because of the boozy contents, but also because a portion of the proceeds goes back to the National Parks Conservation Association.

The High West Campfire Whiskey is one of the best whiskeys for camping in 2022

High West Campfire Whiskey

High West

Distilled next to the snowy slopes of Park City, Utah, Campfire is the perfect whiskey to soothe the soul after a long day of skiing or hiking. Using peat accents from Scotch whisky and melon and honey notes from rye and bourbon mixes, it’s the ultimate blend of smoky, fruity and sugary. Tastes of toffee, cinnamon, caramel, tobacco and chai tea will ignite the fire from within as you wind down and drink this flavorful sipper next to a blazing bonfire. Hankering for a visit to the establishment? High West Saloon is the first and only ski-in distillery in the world. This historic spot is the perfect excuse to get an après ski cocktail during a visit to Park City (since it’s never too early to plan next year’s winter vacation).

Tincup Rye Whiskey is one of the best camping whiskeys for sipping around the campfire in 2022

Tincup Rye Whiskey


Tincup is one of the most outdoor-friendly whiskeys on the market thanks to the nifty steel shot glass capped on every bottle. You’ll always have a cup on-hand for measuring impromptu cocktails at the campsite or sipping under the stars like a true cowboy. The label’s 90-proof rye whiskey is distilled for three years before getting cut with pure water from the Rockies. The beautiful golden amber hue is just as easy on the eyes as the caramel finish is on the palate.

The Wyoming Whiskey National Parks Limited Edition is one of the best whiskeys for camping and supporting the national parks in 2022

Wyoming Whiskey National Parks Limited Edition

Wyoming Whiskey

As we continue our journey through the American West, we can’t forget to stop by Wyoming. Every bottle of Wyoming Whiskey is aged on-site in one of six rick houses at the Kirby distillery. The National Parks Limited Edition small batch blend has a sweet nose of chocolate and vanilla with a smooth and bold finish of black pepper. For each bottle sold, $5 will benefit the National Park Foundation. These bottles are hard to come by, so you might need to trek to the Cowboy State to find one.

Shelter Distilling Wild Rose Whiskey is the best whiskey for camping in 2022

Shelter Distilling Wild Rose Whiskey

Shelter Distilling

Wild Rose Whiskey is reminiscent of High Sierra flavors like rose, which flourishes in the region every autumn. Sourced with local alpine snowmelt, the contents pay homage to the stunning Sierra landscape where outdoor recreation is always embraced. Take a walk on the wild side and try a whiskey with upfront floral flavors unlike the typical spicy or peaty notes common of this spirit. If you’re in the eastern California area, be sure to stop by the brewery and distillery for other unique libations, too.

The Stanley Classic Flask is one of the best flasks for camping in 2022

Stanley Classic Flask


Perhaps the most iconic flask to grace our packs and pockets, Stanley’s no-frills model is durable, rust-proof and complete with a lifetime warranty. The contoured back provides a comfortable fit against your body while the integrated lanyard cap prevents you from losing the lid around the campsite.

The Snow Peak Titanium Curved Flask is a beautiful flask for camping in 2022

Snow Peak Titanium Curved Flask

Snow Peak

Titanium is strong, sure, but it also won’t imbue your alcohol (or other drink of choice) with any unwanted metallic flavors. It’s also incredibly lightweight and the curves here feel a little more stylish than your usual hip flask.

High Camp Firelight 750 Flask is the best flask for camping and taking shots in 2022

High Camp Firelight 750 Flask

High Camp

Maybe you’re happy with a 5-oz. flask. Us? We’d like to carry around something closer to a whole bottle. This three-piece set includes two tumblers that magnetically secure to a vacuum-insulated flask that’ll hold 750ml of your favorite whiskey (or wine, if you’re taking it a bit easy).

The GSI Outdoors Boulder Flask is the best soft-sided flask for camping in 2022

GSI Outdoors Boulder Flask

GSI Outdoors

While traditional flasks are made with metals and ceramics, this copolyester flask is grippy and shatter-resistant for your toughest adventures. Silicone bumpers absorb impacts and the flask’s wide mouth makes it easy to fill, pour or pull with your favorite whiskey.

The Jacob Bromwell Kentucky Round Flask is a beautiful camping flask for all your adventures in 2022

Jacob Bromwell Kentucky Round Flask

Jacob Bromwell

Synonymous with high-quality homewares since 1819, Jacob Bromwell’s take on the round copper flask is a testament to the label’s 200-plus years of craftsmanship. Classic, durable and made to fit in your pocket or bag, every sip from this puppy is sure to help you unwind.


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