Every camper needs to buy this powerful solar lantern, now over half off


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If you love to camp or embark on outdoor adventures, you know there is a list of essentials you always need to bring with you. Sleeping bag? Check. Water bottle? Check. Camping bag? Check. However, there’s one item featured on the complete camping checklist from America’s State Parks that some people forget: a lantern. 

No, the flashlight on your iPhone won’t cut it in the great outdoors, but this 3-in-1 Solar Lantern might. Usually retailing for $69, this solar emergency light is available for $29.99 or over half off.

A solar lantern is even better than a usual one because the batteries won’t die on you, and you don’t necessarily need to carry a charger around to keep it operating. That’s a major benefit in case you run into any emergencies, and as anyone who spends time in the outdoors knows, being as prepared as possible is a crucial tenet for campers.

The solar panel is built-in, and the lantern is small and lightweight, so you won’t mind carrying it around. Plus, it was designed with durability in mind to withstand the rockier moments on the trail!

With 800 lumens and three different brightness levels, you can easily adjust the lantern’s light to your needs. For example, if you want it to give off an extra strong light, it can do that for you.

Simply put, this solar lantern is a must-have if you expect to spend any time outdoors. Whether you need a reading light in your tent, like to brighten up the campsite with more than a fire, or have a powerful lighting fixture on hand in case of emergencies, this solar lantern will make you feel safer and better equipped during your adventures.

Brighten your campsite and get the 3-in-1 Solar Lantern for only $29.99 or 57% off.

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