Embers Adrift Makes Progress On Memory Leak Issue, Addresses Mob Camping Concerns


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Stormhaven Studios is making headway in its efforts to address the ongoing server memory leak issues in Embers Adrift. Over the past few weeks, the developers have been forced to constantly reset and scrub bloated executables while they scramble to fix the root cause of the memory leak.

According to Stormhaven, the servers have been stabilized following a recent memory upgrade and resets should no longer be needed. The team has also fixed several known bugs, introduced an option to toggle camera collision smoothing, and revamped how emberdrift entrances behave. “They are now guaranteed to be up 100% of the time. The entrances will still migrate around the map, but they will exist (they never despawn, only move). We have also migrated two Emberdrifts from Northreach to Meadowlands.”

The studio also reposted its Code of Conduct on the official forums along with a warning against unacceptable behavior, including intentionally training mobs on other players or mobs, harassment, toxicity in the global chat, offensive names, and multi-boxing restrictions.

“We don’t mind boxing except in cases where it prevents others from joining a group,” wrote Stormhaven. “If you are boxing in a group and another player wishes to join please remove one of the boxed characters from the group so that everyone can enjoy the game and its community focused design.”

Players are also reminded that camping mobs is not allowed and that they’ll need to actually engage and tag the mob to call dibs. “If another group comes to your location, or you arrive somewhere and another group is already there, then you should discuss how to handle the situation and abide by this entire Code of Conduct and our Terms of Service as you play,” said the studio. “Either group can simply move on, share the ‘camp,’ or wait.”

“Don’t steal tagged mobs by any means,” the team added. “If someone tags a mob while you are waiting for additional group mates to engage it, that is unfortunate, but they aren’t breaking any rules. If they fail to kill the mob then you’ll have your chance. If you’re forming a group in a public chat channel for a rare mob you run the risk of someone coming and beating you to the punch.”

The studio also advised players to form groups using less public means and avoid mentioning the target mob and its location if you don’t want other players or groups to crash your party.


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