Driven: The 2022 Ford Bronco Raptor Is Phenomenal At Everything Except Camping


Of course, the Bronco handled any off-road task with ease. This is Ford’s most extreme off-road Bronco, and frankly, if it couldn’t handle it we’d be telling a very different story right now. Supposing you do have to simply hammer over something, rather than putting the massive 37-inch KO2 tires over it, Ford’s underbody protection seems thorough enough.

The Fox suspension makes off-roading an almost luxury experience. You’re largely undisturbed by all but the largest impacts, though it’s no magic carpet ride. Still, there’s enough comfort here to make us want for a much longer and more arduous off-road adventure. That is, after all, the point of a car like this.

Why spend almost $80,000 on something if it isn’t going to make you like being out away from it all?

This is only half the Braptor equation, of course. The other half is speed, and Colorado is dotted with flat dirt fire roads that’d make a WRC driver blush.


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