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NORTH EUROPE AND FRANCE, January 2, 2023 / / — With the changing development of the economy, more and more people’s consumption preferences and travel methods have changed. Short-term, short-distance, high-frequency ‘micro-travel’, ‘traditional camping’ and other modes represented by traveling in the local or the surrounding are rapidly heating up. These activities all rely on the freedom of electricity use. Therefore, as the number of people traveling outdoors increases, outdoor power storage are also favored by more people.

The outdoor power supply is not just a ‘large power bank’, it is more suitable to be called ‘portable energy storage’. At present, the outdoor power supply of 1000Wh is not enough to supply power for various mobile phones, digital products, electrical products, mobile refrigerators, rice cookers, and other home appliances. Only a high-power outdoor power supply above 2000Wh can allow campers to enjoy a more refined and rich camping life.

High-power outdoor power supply can realize exquisite camping
Different from traditional camping, exquisite camping not only needs to be close to nature, but more importantly, to create a sense of atmosphere. Imagine that, beautiful tents, steaming barbecue food, iced drinks, all kinds of camping lights, etc., the peaceful life under the starry sky can be seen and felt.
Exquisite camping usually requires cassette stoves, coffee machines, starlights, camping refrigerators, camping air conditioners, etc. Therefore, whether it is camping or driving a caravan to travel, a high-power outdoor power supply is required to meet the power consumption needs of travelers. People can make food and take more meaningful photos at any time.

New high-power outdoor power supply recommendation


EcoFlow has launched two product series around various typical electricity demands: RIVER and DELTA, which fully cover multiple application scenarios such as home emergencies, outdoor travel, and professional work. EcoFlow DELTA Pro has an ultra-high power reserve with a built-in 3600Wh battery pack, and it supports 3600W sine wave inverter output. Its peak power can reach 7200W, and there are 6 types of output interfaces, a total of 14 ports. It supports solar panel charging, wall charging, smart home panel charging, smart generator charging, and other charging methods. And through EV station charging, it can be fully charged to 100% in 1.7 hours.


Jackery outdoor power supply has been recommended by many authoritative media and institutions. It is carried out with high standards from design to material selection and from production to quality inspection. The quality is guaranteed and there is a 5-year long warranty period.

Its solar generator 2000 Pro has a large capacity of 2160Wh, 2200W AC power, and 4400W peak power; features 8 power ports (including 3 AC ports, 2 USB-A ports, 2 USB-C ports, and 1 DC port); It is also equipped with a new generation of battery management system (BMS) with dual monitoring chips. The comprehensive integration of excellent performance and safety not only provides a long-lasting user experience and high-speed charging efficiency but also fully upgrades the charging safety guarantee.


Bluetti belongs to Shenzhen Delan Minghai Technology Co., Ltd., which is a new energy service provider with many years of experience in outdoor power supply.
Bluetti AC200P has a power capacity of 2000Wh. It is compatible with most outdoor electrical appliances, such as electric drills, air conditioners, small refrigerators, drinking kettles, speakers, etc. It is equipped with 7 output modes and can supply power to 13 devices at the same time.


HinenSolar has 11 years of experience in R&D and manufacturing of power supply products, 116 domestic patents, 66 overseas patents, and 19 domestic and foreign awards. The outdoor electrical products developed by HinenSolar can meet the needs of multiple scenarios such as ‘family + outdoor + medical’.
HinenSolar’s product PS3000 has 3000W AC output power, 2500Wh high power, and supports 2.5kWh battery expansion packs. It can be equipped with up to 6 power packs, which can reach 17.5KWh! In terms of battery cells, a new square-shaped aluminum-shell lithium iron carbonate power battery is used, and an independent BMS monitors the parameter changes of each battery cell. The service life is as high as 4000+ cycles, safe and durable. Its three 20A AC sockets and one 30A socket can also meet the needs of most electrical appliances. It can also charge electric vehicles at critical moments, and a PS3000 can support a driving distance of 13.3 kilometers.


The current high-power outdoor power supply has stronger battery life and greater output power, and can easily cope with various complex power consumption situations. At the same time, most of them use UL authoritative certified automotive-grade power cells, which have a long service life and no false labels for capacity. Equipped with an intelligent temperature control cooling system, it has multiple safety protections to avoid dangers such as overcharging and discharging, short circuit, and so on. The intelligent temperature control system can also automatically adjust the charging and discharging temperature to prolong the life of the machine.
In addition, improving the energy system is of great significance to the future environmental protection of the earth. Solar panels can convert solar energy into electrical energy and store it in the outdoor power station so that there is electricity when there is light. While increasing the battery life of the outdoor power supply, it also realizes a clean power cycle. Therefore, preparing a portable power station at home can make life more secure and convenient.

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