Don’t forget to pack your Apple AirTags on your next camping trip


Apple AirTags help you keep track of your stuff. Pretty simple. Attach these little devices to something; if you lose or misplace them, you can use the Apple Find My app to locate them. Just listen for the alert when you activate the AirTag.

AirTags can be placed with anything you don’t want to lose, such as your wallet, purse, laptop, keyring or even the TV remote. Tap or click here for five pro tips to get the most out of your Apple trackers.

It’s summer and we know you’re itching to enjoy the great outdoors. While roughing it can be quite the adventure, you’ll have an even better time if you can keep track of all your stuff (and your family!). Here are five ways AirTags can help you have a better camping trip.

1. Where did we camp?

You’ve set up your tent and unpacked the essentials. It’s an excellent time to go for a hike and stretch out. Have a great time and be safe! But how well do you know the area? Are you sure you can find your way back to the campsite?

Place an AirTag in your tent to use the Find My app to get directions back. Mark your AirTag as lost to be notified when you get close. Here’s how:

  • Open the Find My app.
  • Tap Items at the bottom of the screen, then tap your AirTag.
  • Tap Enable under Lost Mode.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to enter a phone number.
  • Toggle on Notify When Found.
  • Tap Activate.

While this won’t work if you’re miles away from your tent, it can help as you approach the general area. You’ll need a network connection for this to work. Tap or click here for tips on boosting your cell phone signal.

2. Find My Fido

Your dog is part of the family, so why not bring him along? But as you know, dogs are curious and like to follow their nose. With all the new scents in the wilderness, don’t be surprised if your pup wanders off.

Attach an AirTag to his collar so you can find him if he gets lost. Remember, AirTags generally work by sending Bluetooth signals to nearby devices in the Find My network.

If your dog runs by someone with an iPhone or iPad, that would be great. But chances are slim, so it’s better to put your AirTag in lost mode and search for him. You’ll get an alert when you’re close.

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3. Corral the kids

Kids wander off. It’s as natural as the trees and mountains surrounding your camp. While it’s good for them to get a feel for the outdoors, the last thing you want is to go through a frantic search for your little ones.

Slip an AirTag into your child’s pocket and tell them to stay close. Even if they’re not immediately in sight, you could still follow the directions in your Find My app to them. If your child gets out of range, put the AirTag in lost mode and search for them. You’ll get a notification when they’re close by.

4. Keep track of your pack

Things can happen to your camping gear. It can get washed away or carried off by an animal. You may leave something behind when exploring. Attach AirTags to essential items such as first aid kits and other emergency gear.

5. The long walk back

Unless you camped in an RV, you likely drove to your campsite. Can you find the way back to your car? It’s easy if you leave an AirTag in it!

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