Costco lovers camp out ahead of Logan store grand opening


LOGAN, Utah — Freezing cold weather and snow could not keep Costco enthusiasts from camping outside to be the first customers welcomed into the very first Cache County location Friday morning.

Frances Marie Jackson turned 17 years old on the day of the grand opening and she had one priority for celebrating her special day.

“We just thought it would be a fun thing to do – try and be the first ones there,” she explained. “See if there’s anything cool, I mean, why not.”

Jackson showed up at the new Costco in Logan at 3 a.m. and pitched her tent, camping in the snow and 15-degree temperatures to try and be the first customer in the new warehouse location.

“I thought 3 a.m. was pretty crazy but yeah that red tent there was here before us,” Jackson said.

The Logan location is the first for a Costco in Cache County. Previously, residents had to drive to Ogden, nearly an hour away, to pick up their bulk products.

Adam Blackburn was another camper, eagerly waiting through the night to enter the new store.

“It’s opening day,” he explained, “Had to be the first ones.”

Blackburn shared his enthusiasm for something that many Costco shoppers love – the cheap hot dogs.

“Heard there was a deal on the polish dogs for $1.50 – the dog and the drink so you know, we had to be there,” he said.

Costco workers officially cut the ribbon on the new store at 7:30 a.m. Friday.

Cache County residents have been spreading rumors about a possible Logan location for years and its opening day made quite the commotion, with holiday shoppers ready to take advantage of deals.

The new store is at 1160 N. 1000 W. and includes a food court, gas station, tire service center, pharmacy, optical department and hearing aids services.


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