Cool Stocking Stuffers For Hikers and Campers: The Sideways Life’s Latest Line Is The Perfect Gift For Outdoor Lovers


Summer is in the rearview mirror, and it’s time to look toward the rainy months on the trail and the cold-weather hiking season. And with this time of year comes the holidays, where many of us wait until a week before Christmas to start thinking about what we are going to give our outdoors-loving friends and loved ones. 

And in our mad panic, we always focus on the big things; the tents, camping furniture, trail gadgets, and more and completely ignore the stockings! 

This is alright to a certain degree stocking stuffers are the underrated highlight of everyone’s holiday experience. Most people have zero expectations and so many opportunities to be thrilled. Below are a few of our favorite stocking stuffers or gifts for a tight budget from Roark, CAMP by Shwood Eyewear, and Airblaster. 

Roark Turk’s Beanies 2-Pack


A seasonal update of colors to help expand your ever-growing collection of everyone’s favorite Roark Beanie, The Turks. Fit is similar to a classic dockwear-style beanie.

Snag Them Both For $24 Here 👈

Roark Run Amok X Miir Camp Cup


If you’ve had the chance to join one of our group runs, you may have received our Run Amok x Miir Camp Cup for joining us in our endeavors. 

Well, we’ve finally made it for the masses and are stoked to share with you the fruit of our labors—a 12oz, double-walled, vacuum-insulated camp cup for your on-the-go needs.

Snag This For Only $25 Here 👈

Roark Motorhead Louder Hi Socks


Complete your kit with the Motörhead x Roark Run Amok sock. With the classic “Everything Louder than Everything Else” graphic, you can rep your favorite band in the gym and in the high alpine.

Snag Them Here For $29 👈

Roark Pendleton Wallet


Roark plus Pendleton equals one hell of a hearty roadtrip. You can also bet that this wallet lasts in the wild.

Snag It Here For $55 👈


Blade Stainless steel blade with serration, stainless steel handle, bolt opener, flipper on back of blade to open.

Snag It Here For $59 👈

Roark x Grand Trunk Hammock

RA213_MIL_002_36cf72c5-0cb2-43f7-adea-f8e1426b2f49_1024x1024 (1)

“Dragon Fest” takes its name from the annual Dragon Boat Festival in Hong Kong. Scores of dragon boats have been racing in Victoria Harbour since the 3rd Century.

Snag It Here For $99 👈

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CAMP Cove with Flash Lens


Built with adventure in mind, the mixed-materials of the CAMP Eyewear collection merge to achieve the perfect blend of rugged durability and sustainable style. The simple silhouettes are designed for comfort and clarity, offering everything you need and nothing you don’t. 

The Cove’s round shape and subtle cat-eye browline offer a classic aesthetic with a natural twist.

Snag Them Here For Only $99 👈

CAMP Eyewear Sleeping Bag Accessory Pouch


Your devices deserve a cozy spot of their own. Mini in size and big in functionality, this Sleeping Bag accessory pouch from CAMP Eyewear stashes your phone, sunglasses, cash or snacks.

Snag This Here For Only $14 👈

CAMP Trail


Built with adventure in mind, the mixed-materials of the CAMP Eyewear collection merge together to achieve the perfect blend of rugged durability and sustainable style. The simple silhouettes are designed for comfort and clarity, offering everything you need, and nothing you don’t. 

The Trail’s classic understated design looks great on a wide variety of face shapes.

Snag Them Here For $79 👈

Airblaster Merino Ninja Face Mask


Base Layer for your Face Layer. If I could give you one fair and accurate description of the Merino Ninja Face, its function and purpose, it’s the highest calling, it would be just this: It is Base Layer for your Face Layer. Nothing much more needs be said, except that this version is made of 55% Merino / 37% Tencel / 8% Spandex, our unique blend is 45% stronger and dries twice as fast compared to Merino alone. 

We use only non-mulesed wool from New Zealand and Australia because sheep are people too.

Snag It Here for $39.95 👈

Airblaster Pill Air Goggle


Made in Japan, the birthplace of precision. We have sidestepped the oversized spaceship aesthetic in favor of timeless style and world class function. 

Air Goggles are harder to fog up than any other goggle on the market. Take it from a bunch of sweaty faced Air Blasters. The flexible frame has minimal foam and maximal comfort, meaning you see less frame and more mountain.

Snag Them Here For $119.95 👈

Airblaster Squatchamama

Airblaster Squatchamama

Pachamama, the Earth Time Mother of the indigenous people of the Andes. And Sasquatch, derived from the Salish word for “wild man”. 

Taking indecent liberties to co-opt, compound, and otherwise bastardize these important terms, we have a literal translation of “Man-Momma”.

Snag It Here For $34.95 👈


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