Chris Hemsworth goes camping with sons


Australian superhero Chris Hemsworth has taken some well deserved R’n’R by heading off to the wilderness with ‘the boys’.

Chris took his twin sons, Sasha and Tristan 8, on a camping getaway that involved all the fun activities of a classic Australian camping trip.

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This trip was clearly a father-son bonding experience as mum Elsa Pataky and their eldest daughter India, 10, were nowhere insight.

“Epic camping trip with my boys,” Chris posted to Instagram.

“Surfing, fishing, roasting marshmallows and wrestling kangaroos. Ain’t nothing like it!”

Snaps from the trip show the boys climbing rocks, hitting the waves and riding bikes, before promptly collapsing by the fire.

What a ripper holiday


Fans took to Instagram to praise Chris for being a great dad and spending quality time with his sons. 

“Best dad of the year,” one fan wrote.

“Awesome dad,” said another.

Jumping off rocks, always fun


Heading back into nature seems like the perfect holiday for Chris, especially as it was recently announced that he and his brother Luke were helping to bring back the Tasmanian tiger. 

The pair have invested in a scientific startup called Colossal Biosciences which is working with the University of Melbourne to ‘de-extinct’ the thylacine (or Tassie tiger).

“Our family remains dedicated to supporting conservationist efforts around the world, and protecting Australia’s biodiversity is a high priority,” Chris said in a statement.

“The Tassie Tiger’s extinction had a devastating effect on our ecosystem and we are thrilled to support the revolutionary conservation efforts that are being made by [lead researcher] Dr Pask and the entire Colossal team.”

Chris and his brother Luke invested in Colossal Bioscience


Ben Lamm, Colossal’s co-founder, spoke highly of the Hemsworth’s involvement and their overall interest in conservation.

“The Hemsworth family has done a lot in broader marsupial conservation, and they are leading the charge in returning the Tasmanian devil back to the mainland and creating a population outside of Tasmania,” Ben said.

“They were incredibly passionate about not just the return of the thylacine but how the technologies Colossal is developing can be used to help with marsupial conservation and gestation. We could not be more excited for their support and involvement.”

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