Child Hospitalised After Dingo Attack At Queensland Campsite


A five year old boy is in hospital after being injured by a dingo in Queensland on Sunday. 

The young child was playing near the Ocean Lake in the camping area of K’gari, when the animal bit him on the arm and head.

His father was quick to attend the incident, before the boy was airlifted to Hervey Bay Hospital in a stable condition around 8pm.

Queensland Parks and Wildlife rangers said the boy had not instigated or provoked the dingo to attack, and have opened an investigation to identify the animal.

“The child sustained multiple minor bites before his father managed to get the dingo off him,” RACQ LifeFlight Rescue said.

Park rangers are reminding families to keep children under supervision at all times.

The QPWS added that dingoes should not be fed, and to keep food locked away while camping in the K’gari area.

Still known as Fraser Island, the area is in the process of having its name reinstated as K’gari.

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