Camping Spots To Watch Out For In Valorant


Camping is often seen as an underhanded tactic in gaming, but it is truly a legitimate strategy. It allows you to lock down a single location and react more quickly than if you were on the run. While camping, there’s no chance you’ll round a corner and get gunned down. Of course, it doesn’t feel good to be the one at the end of a camper’s barrel.

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In Valorant, camping can be especially useful or annoying. It all depends on the situation you find yourself in. With site pushes, lurks, and rotations, you’re bound to run into a camper eventually. That makes it important to know about some of Valorant’s best camping spots to watch out for or use to your advantage.


10/10 A Art On Pearl

Chambers holds his Ultimate near a box in the A Art section of Pearl.

Pearl is full of long angles. This makes it easy to take gun fights and see where your opponents are coming from. There is one prime camping spot you’ll want to be aware of, though. It is behind the box in the A Art location.

Whether you are rotating from Defender side through the middle of the map or making an initial push from the Attacker side, there’s always a chance that a lurking enemy is waiting here. They’ll wait for you to wrap through or pop out and surprise you. Thankfully, the box is penetrable. You can pump bullets into it before entering A Art to clear out anyone there.

9/10 C Site Platform On Haven

Sova waits on the C Platform with his Phantom on Haven.

Though Haven has the most bombsites of any map in Valorant, it doesn’t have a lot of camping opportunities. Any camping would come from the defending team. A great spot to use once or twice in a match is the platform of C Site.

The attacking team will often clear the direct corners, but be left wide open if they move to plant the Spike without checking on the platform. If you’re worried an opponent might be here, send any intel gathering abilities from an Initiator in that direction to spot them.

8/10 A Site On Breeze

KAY/O crouches in a corner near A Site with a Judge on Breeze.

Breeze is a rather large map, but doesn’t provide many spots to camp. You will find yourself frequently rotating to help a teammate or moving to gain a more advantageous position. One spot to watch for, however, is next to the pyramids of A Site.

Like most camping spots, this can be cleared with some utility. Recon from an Initiator or damaging abilities from a Duelist will get the camper out of this location. If you don’t opt to clear it, be prepared for them to net a few kills if you plan to bring the Spike to A.

7/10 B Green On Icebox

Omen stands atop the B Green box with a Spectre on Icebox.

The green box on Icebox’s direct lane to B Site can be scaled when the round is in action. Many players aren’t aware that you can get on top before a round begins, too. Omen can teleport up there and Raze can make the jump with a Blast Pack. The camper can then sit and wait for footsteps and easy kills if your team rushes over to B.

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The best way to counter a camper here is to react quickly enough to take them down before they do too much damage. Otherwise, starting the round by pushing elsewhere will more than likely force them to drop down and rotate, giving up the position.

6/10 A Nest On Icebox

Omen has a Spectre as he waits for enemies to approach in A Nest on Icebox.

Icebox is filled with tricky spots for campers to hide. The A Nest is a prime example of that. It can be used in the opening stages of the round or as a post-plant location for a team that may be on the flank. To start the round, quickly ride the zipline over and wait patiently.

If the opposing team is making their way to the A Site, you’ll be behind them if they stay on the ground level. Just watch for a counter if you’re the one camping here. An enemy could climb the rope and check, giving you away.

5/10 Attacker Spawn On Fracture

Breach sits behind the set of boxes in Attacker Spawn on Fracture.

Fracture is a unique Valorant map. It has two areas where the Attackers can start the round from. This makes having a good defensive game plan a necessity. A good plan is never really able to counter a camper, though.

A couple of boxes sit in the Attacker Side Spawn location of the map. A camper could easily wait there as an Attacker for a potential flank and prevent it. Or a Defender could sneak over from their side and camp out a possible rotation. Either way, it is best to just check that area before wrapping through the spawn.

4/10 A Sand On Fracture

Breach and his Odin wait near the door in A Sand on Fracture.

This spot is labeled as A Rope in-game, but the community has taken to calling it A Sand. That’s because it is near the rope and obviously filled with sand. A Sand is a great position to camp as a part of the defending team. Fracture’s floors are extremely loud when sprinting, so you’ll be able to hear players coming from the Attacker spawn with no problem.

The door is automatic and leads to a hallway. This lets you, if you’re the camper, pick off anyone who comes through or even jump through it yourself to catch the other team off guard. Fade and Skye both have abilities that send out a drone of sorts. Use them to go through the door and spot anyone on the other side before sending your team to A Sand.

3/10 B Window On Bind

Raze awaits the enemy team with a Vandal behind a box in B Window on Bind.

The B Window on Bind can be a cluster of gun fights and utility if multiple players find themselves there. It is a common location for the Attacker team to try and take before reaching B Site and planting the Spike. A well-positioned camper can stop them in their tracks.

Related: The Best Brimstone Smokes For BindA small wooden structure resembling a bench sits between the entrance to B Window and the actual window onto the site itself. A camper can sit there and wait for your team to move towards the window and pick you off one by one. Be ready to use some abilities with Agent’s such as Skye and Sova to make sure no one is waiting there.

2/10 A Site Truck On Bind

Raze has made it onto the truck on A Site of Bind.

You can get a boost up to the truck on A Site next to Lamps. Omen and Raze can make it up their themselves or the latter can help a teammate reach it with her Blast Packs. This is a sneaky place to be if the enemy team is trying to take A.

More often than not, the team will push in and try to get the Spike down fast. The camper will have the high ground and can wipe them out. If you’re looking to counter this spot, fight through A Bath to remove any protection the camper may have. Then you can take them out from the entryway or force them to leave the spot.

1/10 B Boat House On Ascent

Fade watches B Site from the Boat House on Ascent.

A surprising amount of Valorant players do not immediately check the Boat House when they enter B Site. This makes it a great place to play post-plant scenarios and to initiate a retake for your team as a Defender. Just sit back in the corner in order to not be seen.

If the Spike planter drops without clearing the Boat House, you’ll get a free kill. Others may follow if they aren’t quick enough to react. You’ll always want to take a peek at the back of B Site in the Boat House to ensure an enemy isn’t waiting there.

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