Camping Spots To Watch Out For In Apex Legends


It takes special circumstances for camping to be successful in a battle royale, but it can be done. The movement of the circle, the amount of players dropping in a certain area, and the loot found there all determine if a location is worth camping. It can help you surprise enemies or survive for a better placement.

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In Apex Legends, you don’t just have to worry about one camper in a spot; you’ve got a whole team to deal with. Most of the camping spots to watch out are entire points of interest. This can make rotating very difficult if you aren’t prepared to face a trio holding it down.


10/10 Rift

Pathfinder overlooks the Rift on Olympus.

Rift is a massive point of interest on the Olympus Map. It sits near the edge, but that doesn’t stop the circle from often ending there. If you and your team drops here, there are plenty of buildings to loot and high points to camp at.

If you’re coming here at a final circle, you’re guaranteed to run into a team who has already claimed Rift as their own. It’s best to just pick a fight when you get there, as they might not be warmed up with their aim if they’ve been sitting there the entire match.

9/10 Fight Night

The Fight Night boxing ring on Olympus is filled with loot pods.

Pathfinder is known for his love to box. His Heirloom is boxing gloves and Olympus has an entire POI dedicated to it. Fight Night is a giant arena with a boxing ring in the center. The ring itself is packed with pods that are typically dropped by cargo bots.

Because of the mass of loot that can be found here, it is a popular place for players to land. If they defeat the rest of the teams that land here, expect them to stay put until they are forced to leave. They can be hiding anywhere in the arena, from near the ring to the corridors fans take to their seats.

8/10 Hammond Labs

Pathfinder stands in front of the Hammond Labs point of interest on Olympus.

Hammond Labs is a centralized POI in Apex Legends. It is essentially the gateway between the north and south sides of Olympus. The laboratory has vast winding hallways with a lot of loot on the ground. As well as this, there are loot bins scattered around the building exterior.

There’s more than enough to kit out your whole team and wait to see where the circle leads. You’re bound to find another team here if you’re rotating from one end of the map to the other. A can by Bloodhound is the easiest way to point them out and take the fight to them.

7/10 Atmostation

Atmostation Broken Moon

Atmostation is the southernmost point of interest on Broken Moon. When the circle closes in on this lower portion of the map, there is sure to be a camping team here. The hills and rooftops make it very easy to evade other teams and go undetected.

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In addition to cover, it gives you a view of any team pushing in from surrounding areas. This is what campers look for in a camping spot. If you find yourself under fire from a team here, use the cover to your advantage as you move towards them.

6/10 Cultivation

Cultivation Broken Moon

Cultivation is a small POI with a cluster of buildings. This is a popular camping spot because of its ease for rotation. The ground is flat, but there are a lot of walls and buildings to use to avoid gunfire. It also has a couple ziplines that help you make a quick getaway if need be.

Apex Legends teams love to camp here due to its location on the Broken Moon map. You can pick off enemies rotating from the lower part of the map or be safe until the final couple of circles. Get the high ground and you’ll have no problem seeing when another group is coming. Just make sure they don’t see you first.

5/10 The Promenade

N and S Promenade Broken Moon

The North and South Promenade are positioned in the center of Broken Moon. Each side has a porch-like area with loot to grab and a great view of the Terraformer POI. If teams don’t want to go all the way around the Promenade to reach the other side of the map, they’ll need to go through it.

That makes it a wonderful camping spot. Both porches are connected by a speedy zipline that allows you to regroup with your teammates. And from there, you can control who comes and goes from the area. Campers here simply can’t miss any approaching teams.

4/10 The Geyser

The Geyser World's Edge

The Geyser is a large point of interest on World’s Edge in Apex Legends, but that doesn’t stop teams from camping here. There’s no way to sneakily enter the area from the ground, and you’ll be spotted if you’re diving in with your squad. No doubt, you’ll run into some campers if you’re moving here later in a match.

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It has many buildings that can be looted and wide open views of the surrounding area. On top of that, the geyser in the center allows a team posted up here to get up in the sky and see if anyone is closing in. Your best bet to counter any opposing players camping here is with artillery from Gibraltar or Bangalore to force them inside and then sandwich them.

3/10 Lava Siphon

Lava Syphon World's Edge

Lava Siphon on World’s Edge is in the southern half of the map. Although it is one of the more loot-filled spots, players tend to turn their attention elsewhere. That makes landing here early, gearing up, and camping a no-brainer for those who just want to survive for a long time.

You can safely travel throughout the area on its gondolas and wait for anyone who might rotate through. Go to the roofs of the structures to see if enemies are making their way towards you. You and your team can camp here until the circle forces you to move.

2/10 The Epicenter

The Epicenter World's Edge-1

The Epicenter of World’s Edge is where the entire disruption of the map began. It is surrounded by hills and ice that make it hard to navigate. You’ll find yourself disadvantaged if you stay down low, but taking the high ground will put you even with those approaching over the hills.

It has plenty of loot to grab and nests to camp in. It is in a north-central location on the map and comes with a high survivability rate. You can sit atop one of the structures for nearly the entire of the match without ever seeing another player if the circles allow for it.

1/10 Fragment West

Fragment West World's Edge

Fragment West is perhaps the most popular landing spot in all of Apex Legends. This World’s Edge point of interest has a ton of buildings for players to loot and hide in. The most prevalent is the western building and its rooftop. It is often home to camping teams.

If you can make it through the inevitable fight from landing there at the start of a match, you’ll have the building under your control. The view from atop spans a lot of the center of the map and you’ll be able to fire upon many rotating enemies. If you’re one seeing a camper in this location, the best counter is to snipe them from afar.

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