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As frustrating as it can be, camping works in first-person shooters. It is a surefire way to lock down an area, draw attention away from your teammates, and net a few kills. Whether you’re the one camping or find yourself surprised by an enemy camper, it’s important to know the best spots to look out for.

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Overwatch 2 is a very fast-paced game. There are minimal opportunities for camping in its various modes, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Campers can hold choke points, defend objectives, and even terrorize the opposing spawn point. These spots could have you exiting your game if you aren’t aware of them.


10/10 Circuit Royal Spawn

Widowmaker and her rifle stare down the spawn from an overwatch position on the Circuit Royal map.

Circuit Royal is an Escort map in Overwatch 2. The attackers aim to reach a payload and then successfully escort it to the end of its path, and the defending team is tasked with simply preventing that from happening.

If you find yourself on defense, there is a wonderful spawn camping point. It is a small platform with a direct view to spawn just up the street from it. If you’re on the receiving end of a camper here, there are a set of stairs that lead to it for an easy flank to catch them off guard.

9/10 Hollywood Spawn

A cafe balcony overlooks the spawn of the Hollywood map in Overwatch 2.

Camping spawns is a huge part of Overwatch 2, and Hollywood is a great map to do so. It is considered a Hybrid Map, so multiple modes can be played on it. The spawns remain the same throughout, however.

If you’re playing a hero with some range, you can get on top of the café right outside the attacking team’s spawn. There’s an interior you can use for cover and a balcony for closer and more open firefights. Stairs lead to the top of the café and can be used to reach anyone camping there if you need a counter.

8/10 Watchpoint Gibraltar Spawn

A small walkway allows Widowmaker to camp the enemy spawn on the Watchpoint Gibraltar map.

A camping player who uses the likes of Widowmaker, Solider: 76, or Sojourn can make it nearly impossible for the escorting team to leave spawn on the Watchpoint Gibraltar map. A small walkway acts as an overpass above the payload’s path that can be camped to trap the attackers for a long time.

A long stairwell leads up from just outside the attacker spawn, but if you are the one camping there, you should have no problem preventing the enemy team from ever making it across to that entrance. This is a difficult camping spot to counter, so just throw everything you’ve got at them if they are causing you trouble.

7/10 Dorado Fountain

The second floor of a home on Dorado overlooks the fountain and makes for easy camping with Widowmaker.

The fountain area of the Dorado map has a lot of cover that Overwatch 2 players can utilize. This includes a small house that defenders or attackers can reach. It has a windowed room overlooking the fountain. This can be used to pick off anyone in the area below.

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An alleyway wraps around the house and leads into the room with stairs from the ground level. It is quite the journey, but well worth it to take out anyone camping there and allow the payload to move forward during a game of Escort. If you don’t feel like making the trek, lob explosives in there to get them out of position.

6/10 Ilios Rooftop

A building rooftop on Ilios gives a great camping position on either side above the map's objective.

A house sits right next to the objective during Control on Ilios. It has a slight U-shaped rooftop that can be reached by mobile heroes like Widowmaker, Pharah, Winston, or D.Va. It provides a view of the objective on either side of the roof.

You can hop up here and use the center structure of the building for cover to regain health or wait for the appropriate time to strike. If you’re getting decimated from this location, the best way to counter it is to switch to a hero that can reach the roof and deliver an all-out assault on the camper.

5/10 King’s Row Statue

A high up window can be used to camp the statue area of King's Row in Overwatch 2.

King’s Row is a large map, but the majority of it is confined to twisting streets and alleys. Camping above the statue shortly past where the attacking team spawns is a great way to keep them from advancing. Heroes with mobility tools can make it up here quickly.

There is no way to get past the window that overlooks the statue without moving through the street below. You’re going to be in trouble if an accurate sniper takes position here. The best way to counter someone camping in this spot is to challenge them directly. Provide suppressing fire as your team moves down the street in hopes of getting past the window while they are forced to hide in cover.

4/10 Route 66 Gas Station

Widowmaker camps atop the Route 66 gas station roof.

Route 66 is a map with a surprising amount of high ground. It isn’t way up like some other maps, but there’s enough elevation to take advantage of. One of those locations is on top of the gas station just after the second Escort checkpoint is reached.

You’ll be able to take out any player coming around the bend. The only way to avoid you is by going through the cave that acts a shortcut through the curve in the road. This is a good way to flank the gas station camper, but if you are the one flanking, expect a well-coordinated team to have eyes on that area to try and stop you.

3/10 Lijiang Tower Balcony

A balcony above the objective on Lijiang Tower is where the player camps.

There is plenty of cover surrounding the objective area on the Lijiang Tower map; however, there’s very little cover within the objective itself. This makes the balcony above it a wonderful camping location in Overwatch 2.

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Heroes with mobile abilities can jump right on up; otherwise, there’s a lengthy stairwell in the very back that leads to it. This is the best way to counter, as the majority of players expect the other team to go straight for the objective and not take the time to ascend to the balcony.

2/10 Junkertown Overpass

An overpass on Junkertown lets Widowmaker camp the attacking team's path in Escort.

Junkertown is an ever-changing map in Escort mode. Each area after a checkpoint is completely different than the last. The second area is a small shanty town-style location with an overpass right in the middle.

Stairs from both sides lead up to here, so it can be easily countered by simply walking up and taking out the camper. If you are camping here, you can use Widowmaker for sniping or any other ranged hero to stop the other team’s forward progress for quite some time.

1/10 Oasis Dome

A domed structure has an opening where Widowmaker camps above the objective on Oasis.

Oasis is a strict Control only map in Overwatch 2. Control is a mode that has an objective area placed down, and both teams fight to control it. Only a few heroes can make use of the best camping spot here, as they have to reach the top of the dome-like structure right above one of the map’s objective points.

It gives the perfect view of the spawn area where the enemy team will be coming from. The only cover here is the dome itself by moving around the top walkway, so it can be countered by coming from one of the side points. If you and your team just funnel through the main path, however, you’re going to be in for a long game with a Widowmaker or Junkrat camping here.

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