Camping A New Trend At NE Chinas Jilin Ski Resorts


CHANGCHUN, Aug. 14 (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News – 14th Aug, 2022 ) :With the simmering heat sweeping across many parts of China this year, a myriad of outdoor activities has become the latest buzz in the northeastern province of Jilin as businesses tap into the potential of ski resorts in the sweltering days.

The ski areas in Changchun, the capital of Jilin are more than what they used to be in winters. The city where is still months from being covered by snow is now bustled with camping tents, hot air balloons, barbecue grills, light shows and more.

Many people now take it as a weekend routine to go camping with their friends at ski resorts not far from the downtown area, where they climb, film short videos and attend music festivals. Benefiting from the camping fever, nearby bed and breakfasts (B&Bs) are often booked solid at weekends.

At Lianhuashan Eco-tourism Resort, tourists are able to enjoy the starry summer night in tents with a movable ceiling.

“We have been renowned for skiing, but we are also trying to catch up with the new trends,” said Zhang Haizhi, director of the resort administration committee.

Lake Songhua Resort, another fashionable spot for camping in the city has been running summer recreation programs for five years. Events including camping, climbing and off-road races are favored by tourists, according to Huang Zhongrui, marketing head of the resort. “The Beijing Winter Olympics has drawn many people to know more about winter sports and ski resorts. This in turn brings them to what we are offering in the summer days,” Huang noted.

More resort areas in the northeastern province are shifting from the seasonal profit pattern to a more extensive business model. As of now, more than half of the 54 ski resorts in Jilin are operating in summers with local policy support, a measure to widen their business exposure prior to the ice and snow seasons.


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