Bowlus Has a New and Cheaper Heritage Edition Camping Trailer


Bowlus is one of our favorite camping trailer manufacturers, building sumptuous luxury apartments with wheels and a trailer hitch. The rub has been that those trailers are more than a bit pricey, with Terra Firma models starting at $285,000. But Bowlus just announced a new base model, the Heritage Edition, that is dramatically cheaper.

bowlus heritage trailer interior


The Heritage edition slots below the Terra Firma and the all-electric Volterra. It is a stripped-down model, by Bowlus standards, with “scalable premium options” for upgrading it. The Heritage Edition sleeps up to four with a hotel ensuite featuring a king-size bed in the hotel-style en suite and a sofa and dinette that convert into twin beds.

Bowlus gives the Heritage Edition exterior a satin silver “mill finish” for a matte look nodding back to the original 1934 model. Bowlus is offering wraps for the exterior, either Matte Black or Satin Grey, for the first time. And the trailer comes with a Granite Ridge interior.

bowlus heritage interior


Besides the luxury accommodations, a key advantage of the Heritage Edition is that it’s super light. The base weight is only 2,900 lbs, with an additional 600 lbs capacity. The low weight plus the trailer’s aerodynamics mean it should deliver about 80% range for an EV towing it. It’s also light enough to be hauled by an EcoBoost Ford Maverick with the tow package.

The Heritage Edition’s lightweight design does not come at the expense of battery power. The base model comes with a 2 kWh battery. But you can level that up to 6 kWh. Bowlus says it can power the trailer for up to a week and a half off the grid. And you could theoretically extend that with solar power options.

Bowlus starts the Heritage Edition at $159,000, which is $126,000 less than the Terra Firma model. You can get financing as low as $1,027 per month, though that’s with a 240-month financing agreement.



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