booming RV sales continue in North Dakota


MINOT, ND (KXNET) — Many business owners took a hit during the covid pandemic.
But people in the recreation industry say things have been on the uptick for the last three years.

According to a study by Fox Business, RV companies have seen record sales since 2020, even in North Dakota.
Capital RV spokespeople say sales have been steady as pandemic restrictions are being lifted and more families are eager to travel and go camping.
Jen Myers with Capital R-V says right now, they’re preparing for their liquidation sale in Minot this month, trying to sell the rest of last year’s showroom models.

“Our buyers were pretty aggressive in the last 18 months in picking up additional inventory for us. So, right now, we have a lot of 2022 carry over. The cool thing is, it’s really a buyer’s market. Right now, with all the mark downs, we have been doing great, and it’s been great,” says Myers.

The RV Industry Association says they’re expecting about a 20% decline in RV sales this year, which they say is expected from the big boom over the last three years.
However, they’re still expecting higher numbers than pre-pandemic.


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