Bend PD’s role in new camping code


The Bend Police Department will not be involved in the enforcement of recently approved Title 4, or the camping code, unless a crime is being committed.

Bend Police Chief Mike Krantz told us camping on public right-of-ways, after March 1, 2023, will be a “low level violation.” This means the police would only have the ability to issue a citation, not to arrest or move anyone.

Instead, the City of Bend will enforce it and will try to get voluntary cooperation as a first step. Read more

The Bend Police Department on Thursday released private surveillance video from their investigation into the Bend Safeway shooting on Aug. 28. 

Chief Krantz said now that the investigation is over, the department is required to comply with public record requests — of which he said there were dozens — to release the video. And while faces and key moments of violence were blacked out by police, Krantz says he advises people not to watch the violent video.

“This doesn’t really need to be out there, need to be viewed,” said Krantz. 

Central Oregon Daily News is not posting the surveillance video. It can be found on the Bend Police website.

See our full interview with Krantz below and click here to see what mental health profesionals are advising.

If you’ve been hesitant to buy an electric vehicle in Central Oregon for fear of running out of juice, AAA is trying to alleviate that.

AAA has added a charging truck based in Bend for EV drivers just like they help with extra gas for typical vehicles. Read more

We’ve been following the trail of Redmond mosaic artist Kate Kerrigan since June 2021 — a trail that has taken her all over the country. Now, her 1 1/2 year project called “Piecing Us Together” is finished.

More than 30-square feet of mosaic is made up of 551 little bits. 

She’s hoping to have it displayed in art galleries or museums around the country so everybody, especially the people who helped create it, can see the finished work. Read more

Two Marines who are on a mission to walk the entire length of U.S. Highway 20 made their way into Bend Thursday. They want to raise awareness for those soldiers who are missing in action.

Marine Coleman Kinzer embarked on his mission on June 6. He was joined by his brother in arms, Raymon Shinohara, while passing through Elgin Illinois.

Their final destination is Newport, Oregon. Read more



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