Bend City Councilors discuss Measure 114 and the ongoing Camping Code


BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) — Bend City Councilors met Wednesday night with a packed agenda starting off with Measure 114’s updates and implications, and ends with a public hearing on the lengthy process of Camping Codes.

Measure 114 recently passed during the election to establish a Permit-to-Purchase Program, limits magazine size and additional requirements for gun sales.

Measure 114 has four steps for the Permit-to-Purchase Program and the permit lasts for five years. The permit is issued when people meet the needed qualifications of the program. The qualifications include: getting a Photo ID, fingerprints, reasonable fee, background check, training course, and fitness evaluation.

Mike Krantz, Bend Police Chief, said Wednesday, “When you talk about the implementation on the Permit-to-Purchase (Program), that’s a little bit more complicated.”

“There’s a lot of unanswered questions, it’s a poorly written measure with a lot of ambiguity,” Krantz added.

Kelsey McGee will be hearing more about the breakdown of Measure 114 and the Camping Codes. Her report will be on NewsChannel 21 at Ten.


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