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Atwood Lake is a reservoir situated in Tuscarawas and Carroll Counties in the east-central portion of the US State of Ohio. The reservoir serves as an excellent destination for both on-the-water and land-based recreational activities. Beyond the boundaries of Atwood Lake, there are other places to visit for people seeking to set up a tent, park an RV, unload a cottage, or stay at a hotel.

Geography Of Atwood Lake

Early morning at Atwood Lake, Ohio
Early morning at Atwood Lake, Ohio.

Atwood Lake has been named after the ghost town of Atwood, located at the base of this artificial lake, somewhere along its 28 miles of coastline and underneath its 6.2 sq. km of surface water. The construction of the Atwood Dam across the Indian Fork River of the Conotton Creek led to the creation of the Atwood Lake. Eastern portions of the Cold Spring Run-Indian Fork Watershed are where the Atwood Lake watershed extends the farthest upstream.

The following streams drain into Indian Fork: Friday Creek, Town Creek, Cold Spring Run, and Pleasant Valley Run. Indian Fork continues to flow eastward into the Pleasant Valley Run-Indian Fork watershed, where it shortly feeds Atwood Lake, which is situated close to the watershed’s southwest corner. In addition to other nameless tributaries, Willow Run, Elliot Run, and Dellroy Creek are just a few of the tiny streams that empty into Atwood Lake.

History Of Atwood Lake

Atwood Lake Reservoir Park, Ohio
Atwood Lake Reservoir Park, Ohio. 

In September 1936, the 20 m high and 1,128 m long Atwood Dam was built by the Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District (MWCD). The Atwood Dam, which led to the creation of Atwood Lake, was mainly constructed to improve fish and wildlife, reduce flooding, and provide recreational opportunities.

After the Flood Control Act of 1939 was approved by the US Congress, the management of the dam, the lake, and the area adjacent to the dam site was handed over to the US Army Corps of Engineers. In coordination with the US Army Corps of Engineers, a large portion of the reservoir area behind the dam, including public leisure areas, is operated by the MWCD.

Recreational Activities In Atwood Lake


Boating in Atwood Lake, Ohio
Boating in Atwood Lake, Ohio. Image Credit: Roseohioresident, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Atwood Lake is a premier lake for leisure located within Atwood Lake Park. One must take a pontoon boat ride beneath a flaming orange sunset, join the exquisite sailboat floats, go kayaking, swimming, fishing, or simply unwind on the Atwood Queen Boat Cruise while seeing the fall foliage. There are also several public boat launches and two marinas offering a variety of boating services.


Fish are abundant in the waters of Atwood Lake. The common species found in the lake include northern pike, channel catfish, bullheads, largemouth bass, crappie, bluegill, and yellow perch.


Camping ground at Atwood Lake, Ohio
Camping ground at Atwood Lake, Ohio. 

Atwood Lake Park and Campgrounds are located on the west side of the lake and provide a large number of campsites with basic and RV hookup choices, a swimming beach with a concession stand, hiking trails, vacation cottages, picnic shelters, an activity and nature center, and many more. The park also serves as a hub for gatherings during special events like karaoke nights and fireworks.


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