At a rural location, a Delhi pair offers camping and more


Amanda and Christopher Dwelyng made the switch from city living to camping.

According to 41-year-old Amanda Dwelyng, family was what drew them upstate.

After acquiring the 60-acre property in 2018, the couple opened Steady Slope Fields and Forest at 481 John Williams Road in Delhi in 2019.

She explained, “Christopher is from the Midwest and I’m from the East Coast, and we met in Brooklyn. “We were pregnant, and I didn’t want to have my child in the city; I had already lived there for 15 years and was prepared to go. Since we worked at the Union Square Farmers’ Market, we were familiar with some local farmers. We also stayed with a Roxbury resident and located a local realtor. On a weekend trip, we looked at 17 different homes before settling on this home. It was purely by accident that we ended up in this location as neither of us had ever been to Delhi, and I had never been to the Catskills before moving here.

The woman explained, “We moved here with no work, and I had this new baby and was breastfeeding all the time. So I’d be laying there on my phone and found out about this kind of camping.

Family, according to Dwelyng, was crucial in building Steady.

“We had our first camper come choose a location on our land and set up a tent, and it just took off from there,” the camper said. As campers began to arrive in greater numbers, COVID occurred. The following year, in 2020, when COVID had begun, we had four designated campsites, and every weekend, all summer, they were entirely booked. That (first) season, we probably had five to ten primitive campers. We were one of the few camping areas still open during the epidemic when many others had closed down, including state parks and international travel.

Although Steady Slope started out with basic camping, Dwelyng claimed that further sites and facilities have been continuously added. She added that they also rent out individual rooms in their 3,000 square foot home on a month-to-month basis.

Someone we know asked us if we wanted a canvas tent they were getting rid of in August 2020. A wooden platform, wood stove, queen-size bed, and carpets were added to one of our sites to make it more glamping-style, the speaker stated. “In January 2022, we received a permit for four locations: one with the canvas tent that is advertised on Hipcamp and Airbnb, and three undeveloped plots. and the sauna, which we recently chose to add in an effort to figure out how to draw visitors and what will make our property stand out. We enjoy saunas, and Christopher has extensive knowledge of farms. The sauna is a stand-alone, wood-fired facility with a nearby cold-plunge bath and outdoor shower, according to a press statement.

Dwelyng stated that bookings for the sauna may be tacked on for “friends and locals, on Monday nights for women and men, on Thursday nights at 7 p.m.” She advised anyone who wanted to reserve a spot in the six-person sauna to do so beforehand. According to Dwelyng, campers appreciate the amenities Steady Slope offers.

It is very close to our property, where the parking is, and is 10 minutes from the towns of Delhi and Andes, according to the woman. “The major thing people seem to like about the place is the privacy it offers,” she added. But as you get at the campsite, all you can see are the Catskill Mountains. It has a beautiful view, and behind you are only trees and woodlands, making you feel utterly alone. Customers, according to Dwelyng, are diverse.

We do get (campers) from Massachusetts, but there are a lot of people from the lower states and from New York City, she added. “We receive some from Connecticut and New York state, which is really far away from us, as well as a few individuals from Pennsylvania. We’ve got everything all, but I’d say it’s largely couples,” Dwelyng said. “Some people have brought their kids camping with them. Over the past two years, we’ve had 200 stays, and maybe 20 of those included children and families. The bulk of our guests are couples celebrating anniversaries or birthdays.

Dwelyng stated that she and Christopher intend to keep growing while introducing more educational options. To encourage more families and adults who are not as accustomed to camping, she said, “We did a kids’ (camping) weekend earlier this year, and we aim to do a couple next year.”

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