Are you among the 10% who can find the people camping in this picture?


On a TikTok account, dedicated entirely to optical illusions, riddles and personality tests, a photo was recently uploaded apparently showing two people cooking soup over a fire.

The video was viewed over 128,000 times and managed to distract quite a number of users.

The headline reads: “How many people went camping? Most of the viewers got it wrong when they answered the question.”

The photo in question showed two men on a camping trip, with both of them seen eating around the campfire. Will you be able to find out the answer to the question?

Can you spot how many people are camping in this picture? (credit: Tiktok/Maariv)

Most of the surfers claimed that there are only three people camping since there is another person on the wrecked boat on the horizon.

But there were also some viewers who wrote that there was a rod behind the tent, which indicates another person.

Here’s a hint

If you look carefully, you will notice that on the tree there is a sign on which the jobs of the campers are written.

Take another look before you scroll to reveal the answer.

Did you spot the list? (credit: Tiktok/Maariv)

Did you manage to find out how many campers there are?

If not, no big deal. The correct answer is six people.

See their names on the sign on the tree: Eddie, Winnie, Max, Peter, Leo and Alex.


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