Angular Aerodynamic Camping Trailers : Polydrops P19 Shorty


The Polydrops P19 Shorty camping trailer is a lightweight, aerodynamic solution for campers to pair with their choice of vehicle to enjoy comfortable trips to any location. The camping trailer measures in at 11.7-feet in length and weighs 640-pounds to make it a lightweight option that will increase electric vehicle range or fuel economy when compared to other models on the market. The trailer features a trifold Full XL mattress along with ample electrical accoutrements including 110V power outlets, LED lighting and more.

The Polydrops P19 Shorty camping trailer is priced at $9,950 and boasts locking doors on either side along with four windows fitted with insect screens. These features enable the trailer to be opened up in the warm weather for open air living.


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