Amazon slashed the price on this outdoor camp oven by over 40%


Anyone that’s ever been camping knows that cooking good meals while you’re out there roughing it is one of the hardest parts of the experience. Sometimes it would be nice to just have an oven out there with you, wouldn’t it?

This camp oven is basically a miniature version of the stove/oven combo you have in your house. Not only does it have the actual oven itself (3,000 BTU/hr heat output), but it also has two stovetop burners that work just like the ones in your kitchen. With 7,500 BTU/hr of heat, these burners can quickly cook food, boil water, and more.

The oven is designed to use a 1-pound propane tank, which is fairly standard among camping gear and other camping stoves. That said, it’s easy to modify its input to accept up to a 20-pound tank, so you’ll have enough fuel on hand for a week’s worth of cooking or more

With a weight of 35 pounds and only taking up 16” x 8.5” x 10”, this oven is perfect to throw in the camper, RV, truck, Jeep or whatever other vehicle you take to the campsite. That said, this isn’t something that you would want to lug around with you to a primitive campsite, but for a campground and car camping, this oven is perfect!

So if you’re planning on going camping anytime soon, or you just want to have an easy way to cook outside, pick up this Camp Chef Deluxe Outdoor Camping Oven while it’s 42% off. 


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