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Like every year, July is all about cycling. What if you took advantage of this time to plan activities and things to see along the Tour de France 2022 stages?

New: in 2022, there will also be a women’s version of this epic stage race. Read all our suggestions for activities on the women’s Tour de France!

The men’s version will be held for the 109th time in 2022, and all the information is available on the official Tour de France website. As every year, the efforts of the world’s best riders are seen through stages carefully selected by the organisers, for their sporting interest but also for their stunning photogenic qualities, heritage and landscapes.

This is the complete list of the Tour de France 2022 stages:

  • 1 July: 1st stage: Copenhagen – Copenhagen
  • 2 July: 2nd stage: Roskilde (Denmark) – Nyborg (Denmark)
  • 3 July: 3rd stage: Vejle (Denmark) – Sönderborg (Denmark)
  • 4 July: transfer
  • 5 July: 4th stage: Dunkerque – Calais
  • 6 July: 5th stage: Lille Métropole – Arenberg Porte du Hainaut
  • 7 July: 6th stage: Binche (Belgium) – Longwy
  • 8 July: 7th stage: Tomblaine – La super Planche des Belles Filles
  • 9 July: 8th stage: Dole – Lausanne (Switzerland)
  • 10 July: 9th stage: Aigle (Switzerland) – Châtel
  • 11 July: rest in Morzine
  • 12 July: 10th stage: Morzine – Megève
  • 13 July: 11th stage: Albertville – Col du Granon
  • 14 July: 12th stage: Briançon – Alpe d’Huez
  • 15 July: 13th stage: Bourg d’Oisans – Saint-Etienne
  • 16 July: 14th stage: Saint-Etienne – Mende
  • 17 July: 15th stage: Rodez – Carcassonne
  • 18 July: rest in Carcassonne
  • 19 July: 16th stage: Carcassonne – Foix
  • 20 July: 17th stage: Saint-Gaudens – Peyragudes
  • 21 July: 18th stage: Lourdes – Hautacam
  • 22 July: 19th stage: Castelnau-Magnoac – Cahors
  • 23 July: 20th stage: Lacapelle-Marival – Rocamadour
  • 24 July: 21st stage: Paris La Défense Arena – Paris Champs-Elysées

Just reading this list makes us excited! It puts images in our heads, giving us a mental change of scenery. So many beautiful destinations to discover along these 3,328 kms…

It’s impossible to be exhaustive with an area this big, so we’ve chosen the stages we think are the best to plan an open-air holiday around, because of the excellent choice of campsites and the things to see and do nearby.

Check out the full list of campsites near Tour de France 2022 on our dedicated page (there are more than 100), and find out about our top stage picks below.

What to see and do on stage 7 of the Tour de France 2022

After a start in Denmark and a passage through Belgium and the North of France, the Tour de France 2022 travels through the East of France. The 7th stage starts in Tomblaine, in the suburbs of Nancy, in Meurthe-et-Moselle: an opportunity to discover this beautiful city and in particular its Place Stanislas, sometimes described as “the most beautiful square in Europe”.

On the way to the Planche des Belles Filles, the first finish for the climbers, several heritage sites deserve a visit:

  • the Basilica of Saint-Nicolas-de-Port;
  • the Château de Fléville, typical of the early French Renaissance;
  • the spectacular Château et Parc de Lunéville, whose courtyard and Parc des Bosquets are open to the public.

The race will also pass through two towns that you should not miss: Toul, with its magnificent cathedral and its delicious Côtes de Toul, to be tasted (in moderation!) at the stage finish, and the medieval village of Liverdun.

A trip to the Grand-Est region, rich in forests and preserved natural areas, is also an opportunity to explore the Vosges via beautiful hiking trails. Children, who sometimes find it difficult to wait several hours at the side of the road while waiting for the cyclists, will be able to let off steam at the Acro-sphere park, at the finish in Gérardmer. You can relax with your family at the Gérardmer lake, the largest natural lake in the Vosges area.

What to see and do on stage 8 of the Tour de France 2022

The Grand-Est is once again in the spotlight during this 8th stage of the Tour de France, with a start in the pretty town of Dôle in the Jura. Lausanne, in Switzerland, the scene of the day’s finish, is also worth spending a few hours in, exploring its medieval centre and wandering the lovely shores of Lake Geneva. But the most interesting places to visit on this stage are right in the middle of nature.

Start with the unmissable: the Cascades du Hérisson, in the Jura mountains. There are several viewpoints along a walking trail where you can admire this natural wonder. The Saut Girard, the most famous (and most frequented) point of this incredible place, offers 3 accesses, including one suitable for less mobile people.

Hiking enthusiasts should not miss the fabulous Haut-Jura Regional Nature Park. You might spot a capercaillie: an amazing gallinaceous bird, which has become the emblem of this spectacular area. Also hike the trail from the Pic de l’Aigle to the Belvédère des 4 lacs. The end point offers a magnificent view of the Narlay, Ilay, Petit and Grand Maclu lakes.

In terms of heritage, and for a lunch break for example, go to Salins-les-Bains: the Grande Saline, a UNESCO World Heritage site, recounts 1,200 years of salt production in the region.

What to see and do on stage 10 of the Tour de France 2022

After a few first climbs in the first week of the race, the Tour de France really gets down to business from stage 10: we are in the Alps!

In the mountains, the stages take longer to go by and it’s easier to spot your favourite riders, as the cyclists ride in small groups, in pairs or even alone at the end of the climbs. So, plan to be on the side of the road early if you want to fully enjoy the show.

Like the cyclists, you will have had a rest day the day before: explore all the possibilities offered by the Alpine resort of Morzine, the starting town for this 10th stage. Cycling (as Morzine has been one of the Tour de France’s hotspots since its inception), horse riding, fitness trails, climbing, fishing: there is no shortage of opportunities for family activities.

Morzine is quite different from the more formal, even fancy, Megève, where the riders arrive at the end of the day. Located in the heart of the Mont Blanc massif, Megève will allow you to go window-shopping, a rather rare and original activity on the Tour de France route.

Finally, even if you have already had a glimpse of its shores during the finish in Lausanne, this 10th stage is all about Lake Geneva. Discover the French side this time, through the pleasant town of Thonon-les-Bains and the village of Evian-les-Bains. Both are renowned wellness destinations, so plan to take advantage! Even if you’re not working quite as hard as the racers, the days are still busy on holidays. A trip to the thermal spas or a good massage can’t hurt, right?

What to see and do on stage 11 of the Tour de France 2022

Alps and climbs again for this 11th stage, which takes the riders from Albertville to the Granon Serre-Chevalier pass.

Albertville is best known today for having been the host city of the 1992 Winter Olympics. But it also has a major historical heritage with the medieval town of Conflans. On its rock, this fortified enclosure, which protected the entrance to the Tarentaise valley, is full of architectural treasures.

Still on the heritage side, make sure to go to Aix-les-Bains on the banks of Lake Bourget. The “Riviera of the Alps” offers you wellness and relaxation activities, but also family activities. Upstream, another lake, Annecy, also awaits you. The town of Annecy itself is a little jewel. It is regularly on the podium in the rankings of best cities to live in. You will quickly understand why, with its peaceful atmosphere and spectacular views over the lake.

The “Ski Capital of the World”: this is how Courchevel describes itself. Nevertheless, like its counterparts in the Alps and the Pyrenees, it knows how to treat visitors in the summer too, with hikes, walks, guided heritage tours and fishing trips.

The Vanoise National Park is one of the best places to visit in the Alps and offers a multitude of hikes for all levels. You can also learn about the protection of the fauna and flora through numerous conferences, exhibitions, etc.

What to see and do on stage 12 of the Tour de France 2022

This 12th stage has all the features of a great classic, even a “queen stage”: Briançon-Alpe d’Huez. Before reaching the mythical 21 bends that lead to the top of the Alpe d’Huez resort (bends that you will have to take VERY early if you want to watch the great battle that the best climbers of this 2022 race will wage), visit the Vauban town of Briançon. Here, it’s well worth splashing out on a guided tour, to fully appreciate history, picturesque streets and atypical architecture of this fortified city.

However, it is once again nature that will be in the spotlight during this 12th stage. What could be more normal when you are in the heart of the Serre-Chevalier valley or the Ecrins National Park?

In the Serre-Chevalier valley, you will be able to go to the Serre-Chevalier Bike Park for a mountain bike session, or simply for some nice mountain walks. If you’re full of energy, there are via ferrata routes that are a unique experience. Finally, to recharge your batteries, a visit to the Grands Bains du Monétier is a must. The benefits of its waters have been recognised since Roman times and the 4th century!

In the Ecrins National Park, you will of course be able to hike to your heart’s content, but also discover exhibitions on glaciers or hire a guide to discover the flora of the park.

All in all, a stage that will probably be full of emotions and twists and turns on the race side, but also full of opportunities on the tourism side!

What to see and do on stage 13 of the Tour de France 2022

The riders leave the Alps from Bourg d’Oisans, another “classic” of the Tour de France, to find more urban terrain, with an arrival in the Loire, in Saint-Etienne.

Not to be missed, at the start, in the Hautes-Alpes: the commune of La Grave, and more precisely, its ski area… which is not a ski area! It is in fact a totally off-piste sector, sought out in winter by free-riders and powder junkies from all around the world. Even in summer, you can use the lifts to get up to the glacier for hiking, mountaineering, mountain-biking, or simply to enjoy the views from the summit of the Meije. Absolutely spectacular!

Less sporty, the Parc Naturel Régional du Pilat between the Rhône and the Loire, was one of the very first parks to receive the label of “national park” in France, in the 1970s. Like all the other parks with the same label, it welcomes hikers and nature lovers with open arms.

Even more tranquil, or even downright contemplative, make a spiritual stop in Sainte-Croix-en-Jarez before arriving in Saint-Etienne in the Loire, to taste its chartreuse.

Family watching the Tour de France near St Etienne | Une famille regarde le Tour de France près de St Etienne

After all these hikes and beautiful escapes into nature, you might fancy a return to townlife. Luckily enough, next stop is Saint-Etienne, which is a major city of design in France. Among other attractions, it has a beautiful planetarium. Always a great success with children… young and old. As for Lyon, Saint-Etienne’s great rival in football, it is only about thirty kilometres away. It is a meeting place for gourmets, with its famous bouchons lyonnais, small restaurants typical of the city. Not really recommended for a pro cyclist in the middle of a tough race, but unmissable for a fan!

What to see and do on stage 14 of the Tour de France 2022

The peloton leaves Saint-Etienne and the centre of France to make its way south: on the evening of this 14th stage, the riders will arrive in Mende, in the Lozère. A shortish stage for the riders, which the sprinters should enjoy, it reserves some pleasant activities and excursions for the holidaymakers.

The famous pilgrimage and hiking trail, Camino de Santiago, intersects with the Tour itinerary here, via one of its four routes, the Via Podensis. It starts in Le Puy-en-Velay, which we strongly recommend you visit. Why not take the plunge and hike a few sections after you’ve waved the riders off? Maybe even all 32 stages and 755kms to Saint-Jean-Pied-du-Port…. and sure from there it’s only another 812 kms to Santiago! Don’t the Chemin de Saint-Jacques (as it is called in French) and the Tour de France share many similarities? Lots of stages, lots of physical effort, lots of beautiful scenery, the opportunity to reconnect with yourself and nature and, at the end, a hard-won reward, a Grail: the Champs Elysées for some, the cathedral of Santiago de Compostela for others.

On the way to Mende, you could also stop at Les Pradelles in the Haute-Loire: this magnificently preserved former stronghold is part of the closed circle of the “Most Beautiful Villages of France”. In Lozère, near the end of the day, the village of Sainte-Enimie deserves a visit also. It too is classified as one of the ” Most Beautiful Villages of France “. Located on the Gorges du Tarn, it is also a great starting point for hiking or canoeing along the Tarn River.

Lake Naussac, also in Lozère, is a reservoir which also offers a multitude of water sports activities.

What to see and do on stage 15 of the Tour de France 2022

After a short transfer, the peloton of the Tour de France 2022 leaves Rodez, in Aveyron.

A short cultural interlude: visit the superb Soulages museum to discover the works of the master of black and light. A very beautiful moment… but perhaps unlikely to be appreciated by young children. For them, head for the Ségala Animal Park in Aveyron. A great day out with the family to discover and learn about the birds of prey, lynxes, bears and wolves present in the park. Then, why not spend a day at Cap’Découverte in the Tarn? This vast leisure park offers a choice of free or paid activities, including cycle paths and swimming at Sainte-Marie Lake: it’s a good way to entertain children and teenagers for a few hours.

This region has a particularly rich historical heritage. Carcassonne is one of its jewels, but lots of other towns and villages, some classified among the “Most Beautiful Villages of France” some not, which are worth a visit: Bozouls, situated in a canyon, Sauveterre-de-Rouergue, Lautrec, famous for its pink garlic and for being the birthplace of the famous painter Toulouse-Lautrec… whose museum is located in Albi. The Sainte-Cécile cathedral there, both massive and futuristic on the outside and very colourful on the inside, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. One more for the road? Then head for Cordes-sur-Ciel, not far from Albi. A medieval village which, as you may have guessed, is also classified as one of the “Most beautiful villages in France”!

A tiring stage for you, probably quieter for the riders, who will have a rest day the next day in the finish town of the day, Carcassonne.

What to see and do on stage 16 of the Tour de France 2022

At this stage of the Tour de France 2022, you probably need to take a breather like the riders. Look in the distance: you can see the Pyrenees, with their steep and winding passes, on roads that are less rolling than those of the Alps.

Take advantage of this day off to explore one of the major sites of Occitania, the medieval city of Carcassonne, the start of this 16th stage. In truth, you won’t have enough time in one day to discover every corner of it. You’ll probably want to come back to enjoy the fairy-tale atmosphere of knights and princesses again.

You can expect a radical change of atmosphere as everyone heads for Foix in Ariège, the day before attacking the Pyrenean passes: direction Mirepoix, to visit its pretty historic centre but also to access one of the lovely Ariège greenways. Get on your bike and ride along the 38 kms of former railway track that link Mirepoix to Lavelanet.

We also suggest a hike to the Roquefort waterfall. This is a real natural curiosity, a tuffière: a waterfall made of tuff, a type of soft limestone. Beware: the site is protected because of the extreme fragility of this rock; do not stray from the marked paths.

In Foix, where the winner of the stage will be decided, you and the peloton will be welcomed by the magnificent and imposing Gaston Phoebus Castle on its promontory.

What to see and do on stage 17 of the Tour de France 2022

The Pyrenees, the last major hurdle of this Tour de France, kick in in this 17th stage, which takes the riders from Saint-Gaudens to Peyragudes.

On this stage, as on the Alpine stages, it is the mountain resorts that hold the most activities and attractions.

Let’s go to Luchon for example, or Bagnères-de-Luchon to be precise, to get off to a gentle start in a charming spa town with old-fashioned charm. Nicknamed “the queen of the Pyrenees”, Luchon has a ski resort, Superbagnères, which like all ski resorts, becomes a base for hiking, mountain biking and wildlife when the weather is fine.

A beautiful looped walking trail, starting from the Hospice de France, passes high altitude lakes with fabulous views of the Maladeta massif, and crosses over into Spain, before returning to the starting point.

If you want to have something to eat during the day or after arriving in Peyragudes, consider the pretty, typically Pyrenean village of Arreau, in the Aure valley. Or, a quarter of an hour away, the village of Saint-Lary-Soulan, also located in the valley, which offers a more sporting and dynamic atmosphere: its skating rink is always a big hit with kids.

What to see and do on stage 18 of the Tour de France 2022

Your legs may be heavy, but if you’re a Tour de France rider, you still have to climb to the top of Hautacam, after a start in Lourdes, for this 18th stage.

Lourdes, if you don’t know it yet, will certainly surprise you. Entirely focused on its sanctuary, both mystical and filled with souvenir shops of varying degrees of quality, it is also a pretty cosmopolitan town! Catholics from all over the world continue to go there to adore the Virgin Mary and the woman to whom she appeared, Bernadette Soubirou, with fervour. If you’re interested in the religious sites, you should note that the Massabielle cave, the scene of the apparition, is located in a different place to the sanctuary.

To get some fresh air after tasting the large crowds often present in Lourdes in high season, there is nothing like a short bike ride on the “voie verte des 2 gaves“. This former railway line, which has been converted into a particularly smooth ride, offers beautiful views of the surrounding mountains. Afterwards, you can take a dip in the lake of Lourdes, just outside the town, which also offers water sports activities.

Finally, make a visit to the Pyrenees animal park. In addition to the classic animal discoveries (120 species including wolves, bears, marmots and other birds of prey), it offers you a unique experience: spend the day in the shoes of a park keeper, in order to better understand their job. Reservations are required!

What to see and do on stage 19 of the Tour de France 2022

The 2022 Tour de France leaves the Pyrenees for the plains and a terrain more favourable to the daredevils and other sprinters. This (long) 19th stage will take you through a variety of landscapes and several departments in Occitania: Hautes-Pyrénées, Gers, Lot. In each of them, a rich and varied heritage.

In the Hautes-Pyrénées, the Puydarrieux lake is an artificial lake created for observation of migratory birds. A dedicated path allows you to discover the site while preserving the tranquillity of the fauna.

In the Gers, there are many beautiful sites and villages to visit. We particularly recommend Lavardens with its beautiful fortified castle which houses an art centre, as well as La Romieu. Classified as one of the “Most Beautiful Villages in France”, the latter is built around an imposing collegiate church that can be seen for miles around. La Romieu has also given birth to a beautiful legend. We won’t tell you more about it, except that the village has since been nicknamed “the village of cats”.

Finally, in the Lot, Cahors awaits you for your lunch break. Don’t miss the symbol of the city, the Valentré bridge, nicknamed “the devil’s bridge”. Then, not far from Cahors, discover another of the “Most Beautiful Villages in France”: Saint-Cirq-Lapopie, a medieval wonder on its rocky outcrop.

What to see and do on stage 20 of the Tour de France 2022

The last stage of “our” Tour de France 2022 of activities and visits to do on the riders’ route, this 20th stage sees them race from Lacapelle-Marival to Rocamadour, both in the Occitania region.

The former is a pleasant town in the foothills of the Massif Central. The arrival town, Rocamadour, is a major tourist site in Occitania as well as an important stage on the Pilgrim’s Camino de Santiago de Compostela. Its worldwide reputation is well deserved: built in successive levels on the side of a cliff 120 metres above a canyon, it is likely to leave you breathless. The shrine of the Black Madonna, Rocamadour remains a place of pilgrimage for Catholics from all over the world, who have been flocking there since the 12th century. You can’t afford not to visit it, but you should know that the site is always very busy, especially during the high season.

Between Lacapelle-Marival and Rocamadour, we recommend 3 very different animal parks:

  • the Gramat animal park: close to Rocamadour, this park has 1 000 wild animals and 150 different species;
  • La Forêt des singes: 150 Barbary macaques live freely on 20 hectares of forest and meadows; an exceptional setting and experience!
  • the Rocher des Aigles: still in Rocamadour, in the Causses du Quercy Regional Natural Park, this park is home to birds of prey.

Finally, to conclude this tour of Occitania and this Tour de France of activities, head for the famous Padirac chasm for a dive into the bowels of the Earth! (Advance booking is a must.)

So, are you convinced? If so, before planning all your visits and activities, book your pitch or mobile home at one of the campsites listed here: campsites on the route of the Tour de France 2022.

OR, if you’re not that bothered about watching the race but would like to take on some of the famous cols that have featured in it over the years, check out our other article on cycling Tour de France stages on holiday!


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