Aero Build Coast Is a Smart Electric RV That Turns Your Camping Life Into Modern Glamping


And although the charging infrastructure for electric RVs is not yet as widespread as it is for electric cars, advances in battery technology make it possible for electric RVs to have longer ranges and more power, making them more practical for use on longer trips.

Aero Build, a Tennessee-based company known for creating sleek, custom trailers for mobile businesses like bars, cafes, and vacation rentals, has just announced a new line of fully electric luxury RVs. Baptized the Coast, the new product is a smart travel trailer that incorporates modern technology to allow for an effortless glamping experience. It is targeted at modern-day nomads who want to take to the open road and explore the outdoors in utmost comfort.

Aiming to build the most advanced all-electric luxury RV yet, Aero Build has created a motorhome characterized by the same versatility and modern design as its previous products, but which brings so much more to the table.

The tag-along Coast camper is built on a dual-axle galvanized Lippert steel trailer chassis with torsion axle suspension and measures 21 feet (6.4 meters) in length, 8 feet in width (2.4 meters), and 10.5 feet (3.2 meters) in height.

Upon seeing its compact design, you might be tempted to believe it’s made to accommodate just one or two people at most, but you’ll be surprised to find out that it actually offers sleeping space for up to four people. And it does so in an environment that achieves the perfect blend of adventure and comfort, offering all the creature comforts of modern homes.

On the outside, Aero Build decided to go for a rather unassuming design, but the exterior still looks stunning. Were it not for some minute details like the rectangular corners and the glossy black and white color scheme, the Coast could easily be mistaken for an ordinary rectangular caravan. The same effortless, understated elegance imbues the interior of the RV, which is also dominated by hues of black and white, interwoven with light and dark earthy shades and great high-end finishing touches.

The clever layout makes the most of the limited square footage, being divided into a luxury kitchen space, a dining area, and a rear main bedroom with en-suite bathroom. Aero Build made it look like a modern condo with smart home features, like touch controls, smart TVs, and all-electric appliances.

The open kitchen features white cabinetry with contrasting black countertops aligned against the wall on the driver’s side. It is as luxurious as they get and seems taken out of the pages of an interior design magazine. It comes outfitted with an all-electric Smeg appliance setup, including a full-size 278L refrigerator, a two-burner electric stove, a range hood, and a stainless steel microwave. A very neat feature that future owners will surely enjoy is the pop-up bar/wine holder that hides within the cabinetry when not in use.

That huge box you see in the middle of the trailer, right next to the entrance door, is the wardrobe. Yes, Aero Build thought of everything, so they also included enough storage spaces for the owners to store away their belongings. Two 32-inch flat-screen TVs are mounted on the side walls of the wardrobe, one set up for viewing from the bedroom and the other from the dining area.

The main sleeping quarters are at the back of the trailer and include a 125 x 206 cm (49 x 81 in) bed with gel memory foam mattress, while additional sleeping space is provided by the convertible double bed created by lowering the dinette table and joining the available cushions.

The en-suite bathroom is somehow divided into two parts – the sink and a dry partition that includes a separate toilet and shower. This setup makes it possible to easily access the sink even if the toilet or shower is being used.

The builders chose a Laveo Dry Flush waterless electric toilet that is designed to seal the waste and compress it into a replaceable cartridge you can easily dispose of in the trash. It can be used between 15 to 25 times before being replaced and eliminates the hassle of dealing with black water.

And if you’re concerned about privacy in this area, worry not, as there is an expanding bathroom door and a bedroom curtain that will ensure complete privacy when you need to go where even the king goes alone.

But the most important feature of the entire build is probably its high-performance off-grid electrical system. Aero Build endowed the Coast with a last-gen solar system with five roof-mounted monocrystalline solar panels that provide a combined output of 1,360 watts to charge an 810Ah lithium-ion battery bank. This is enough to feed all onboard systems and camping amenities, plus the two smart TVs, a smart home-style Firefly touchscreen control system, and mobile WiFi, without the need for shore power or LPG. Nonetheless, the Coast also comes equipped with a 50A socket for when connecting to shore power is necessary.

The Coast is suitable for living and traveling in any weather conditions thanks to the built-in heating and air conditioning, complemented by New Zealand sheep’s wool insulation, which is a sustainable solution to keep the trailer cozy and warm regardless of the temperature outside.

The extensive list of features doesn’t end here, though, as the Coast boasts additional luxury amenities, such as a remote battery, an electric outdoor awning with LED lighting, rooftop air conditioner, a full spare tire with branded cover, and a water tank monitoring system. It also has an electric tongue jack to make unhitching at your destination easy as a breeze.

Pricing for the Aero Build Coast starts at $124,900, and the company is already taking pre-orders for the smart travel trailer, with deliveries expected to begin in the spring of 2023.


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