7 Unwritten Rules For RVers Parking Overnight At Walmart


Parking overnight at Walmart is a well-known trick among RVers, but there are unwritten rules you should also know and abide by…

You’d be hard-pressed to find an RVer who hasn’t parked overnight at Walmart at least once. It’s a free, convenient, and (usually) safe place to sleep while traveling from one destination to another.

As boondockers, Jennifer and I have parked overnight at Walmart countless times, and we’re certainly not the minority. It’s so common that there’s even a name for it in RV terminology: Wallydocking!

We are all very thankful Walmart extends this courtesy to RVers, but we have to remember that it’s exactly that: a courtesy! To ensure wallydocking continues to be offered, we need to follow the unwritten rules of parking overnight at Walmart.

What are those rules, you ask?…

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7 Unwritten Rules for Parking Overnight at Walmart

According to their website, “Walmart values RV travelers and considers them among our best customers.” They don’t actually ask anything in return for their free parking spaces, but there are some unspoken expectations.

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1. Check Each Location for Overnight Parking

Not all Walmarts allow overnight parking! In fact, only about 50% of them do. This number has been declining as zoning laws and city ordinances are increasingly banning overnight parking. 

Store managers may also not allow it. According to Walmart’s website, “Permission to park is extended by individual store managers, based on availability of parking space and local laws. Please contact management in each store to ensure accommodations before parking your RV.”

You can either call management before you arrive. Or, you can use your Allstays app to filter Walmarts that might allow overnight parking. In the app’s review section of individual stores, you can get a better understanding if it’s allowed. 

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2. Park Out-of-the-Way (But Not Too Far)

It’s considered bad boondocking etiquette to take prime parking. You don’t want to take parking spots right up front that customers who are going in and out can use.

At the same time, you need to park strategically for safety. Parking near lights and away from back alleys is always recommended. Which means I also recommend blackout curtains.

So, basically, this rule is to park SAFELY out-of-the-way. You must always be mindful of the The Truth About Crime in Walmart Parking Lots.

The Truth About Crime in Walmart Parking Lots

3. Take Up As Little Space As Possible

Try to take up as few parking spaces as possible. For instance, you shouldn’t park perpendicular and take up several spaces when you can just pull through and take up two. 

If your RV requires you to extend a slide to reach the sleeping quarters, try to find an end spot where you won’t overlap into the next parking space and/or only extend it the minimum amount to get through.

4. Don’t Set Up Camp

It’s very important to note that Walmart allows overnight parking, not camping! You should not extend your awning, set out your favorite camping chairs, or even extend your slides if you can help it.

You certainly don’t want to bust out your grill. Just relax inside your RV and get a good night’s rest before the next leg of your journey.

7 Unwritten Rules for RVers Parking Overnight at Walmart 1

5. Arrive Late & Leave Early

There isn’t a set arrival and departure time for wallydocking. However, the rule of thumb is to arrive later in the day and leave in the morning.

That doesn’t mean you have to arrive at 10 pm and be out at the crack of dawn. It just means you shouldn’t linger unnecessarily.

6. Only Stay One Night

Speaking of lingering, parking overnight at Walmart is meant to be overnight. As in one night.

Staying a prolonged time is one of the surest ways to hurt all boondockers because Walmart management and the city don’t want to deal with squatters. The more people abuse this courtesy, the more it will become regulated.

So, only stay one night whenever you’re parking overnight at Walmart or any other form of lot docking.

7. Buy Something

7 Unwritten Rules for RVers Parking Overnight at Walmart 2

Last but not least, you should always buy something at Walmart when you stay overnight in their parking lot. It’s a way of “paying” and saying thank you for a free place to stay overnight. 

Chances are you need to buy something anyway. Since they have so much, from groceries to clothes to entertainment, this is probably one of the easiest unwritten rules to follow!

That covers all the rules for parking overnight at Walmart specifically, but I want to leave you with some more tips…

More Boondocking Etiquette

Wallydocking is a form of boondocking. So, I think it’s a good idea to end with more etiquette tips for boondocking in general, especially since boondocking sites continue to get shut down across the country.

Please read our 9 Super Important Boondocking Etiquette Tips for Better Camping. Together, we can ensure boondocking is here to stay!

Where Else Can You Park Overnight with Your RV?

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We all know about overnight places to stop like WalMart and Cracker Barrel…or Harvest Hosts but there are lots of other places where RVers can stop… places right along the highway where pets are welcome and you can find just about anything you need for an overnight stay.

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Camping can be expensive. 

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