48th Annual ‘Valley RV and Camping Show’ boasts best prices of the year


SOUTH BEND, Ind. (WNDU) – The Valley RV and Camping Show is at the Century Center this weekend, showcasing brand-new 2022-23 RV models.

“There’s an RV here for every type of camping and every price point,” says show director, Matt Rose.

According to Rose, 2021 was a record high year for RV sales, with younger families contributing greatly to sales in the past couple of years.

“Just ten years ago, the average RV buyer was 49 years old. That age dropped to 45 a few years ago, and right now the average RV buyer is 41 years old,” Rose says.

It’s one of many things about the industry that continues to grow and change, and the Valley RV and Camping show gives you a glimpse at it all.

“We have over 100 brand-new RVs here at the century center, and they’re all for sale,” Rose says.

For many people, this show is their first opportunity to see the latest models of recreational vehicles and campers.

“This show is a great place for folks to come out, either shop for your first RV or your next RV. Or if you’re just curious about RVing, it’s a great opportunity to come out, talk to a lot of different dealers about a lot of different types of RVs, get your questions answered,” Rose said.

Thanks to special offers and financing the show features incredible deals as well.

“The exclusive timing of this weekend is special for two reasons, the first of which is the factory incentive discounts that we’re getting from the factory on our year end 22 models, the second reasoning is for the bank incentives that we’re receiving from our financing partners,” says Jerome Gray, RV Sales Consultant with Pete’s RV Center.

Allowing them to offer discounts of 20 to 25% less than prices would be in the lot.

Indiana contributes $38 billion annually to the $140 billion the RV Industry brings in nationwide each year, making show season in Indiana that much more intriguing.

“These shows are an awesome opportunity, you get a great experience, and not to mention, the best prices of the year,” Gray says.

For dates, times, and ticket prices of the Valley RV and Camping show, click here.


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