15 Incredible Camping Inventions: Unusual Camping Gear


By Cheri Sicard
The camping inventions and unusual camping gear covered in the video below will be useful to all kinds of campers, both RVers and tenters, and anyone in between. These camping gadgets might be unique, but they’re still incredibly useful.

The folks from Top Fives say no matter which level of outdoor adventure suits you, there are some camping gadgets that you should never leave home without. The video represents their camping essential picks, along with some unique and innovative RVs.

So, what’s included? Camping inventions and innovations of all kinds. Some for survival and safety, some for fun and comfort, and some are just for fun or to marvel at.

The video is more about the items than individual brands (except when necessary).

In my opinion, they should have stuck to gadgets and saved innovative RVs, like the Terra Wind Amphibious RV that we covered in another post, for another video. But I guess they are incredible camping inventions.

So what’s covered in this eclectic list of unusual camping inventions?

  • Water filtration straws and personal water filters that make it safe to drink from rivers and streams. You never know when a water emergency could hit.
  • Glow in the dark rope that recharges in the next day’s sunlight. This has about a million-and-a-half uses around a campsite. How brilliant is that and why have I never heard of it before?
  • The Swiss Room box is kind of like a camper version of a Swiss Army Knife. It’s a modular, removable camping setup that’s super easy to install in the back of most any car or van. Unfold its parts for a sink, stove, table, sleeping platform, and more. Genius!
  • Say goodbye to tents and say hello to the Quite Lite Quick Cabin. This is an ingenious modular panel system for quickly building a small cabin. You could even carry around a guest cabin in your RV to be set up when you get to your destination. It takes one person and one screwdriver only one hour to build a Quite Lite Quick Cabin. The cabins are even great for cold-weather camping. Clever!
  • The tiny Happier Camper HCI is a lightweight all fiberglass tiny camper with a retro look, and modular amenities you can pick and choose. (Read Tony Barthel’s review here.)
  • Stormproof matches will let you build a fire no matter the weather. It will even smolder if put under water!
  • Thermacell’s portable mosquito repeller repels mosquitos within 15 feet for 12 hours. I can’t wait to try it. People in the comments concurred with its effectiveness.
  • Scrubba wash bags are personal portable washing machines for small loads of laundry. Inside the bag is a built-in washboard. Add clothing, laundry soap, water, close the bag and shake! (A good way to put the kids to work.) The bag’s 300 soft but durable nodes gently scrub clothes clean in about three minutes. So smart!
  • The Gidget Teardrop Camper is cute and retro-looking but actually high-tech with a full outdoor kitchen, a skylight, and a slide-out room that doubles the space.
  • The solo stove is a sleek stainless steel double-walled smokeless fire pit. It burns hotter than a traditional fire but with finer ashes and less risk of an ember fire. With its superior airflow, you can go from lighting the kindling to a raging campfire in minutes.
  • The Insta-Privvy is a quick and easy-to-set-up ventilated pole-less camp bathroom shelter.
  • Wazoo Gear’s Survival bracelets are rope bracelets that feature everything a survivalist needs. There are 16 different tools that you will hopefully never need, but not a bad thing to have on hand, especially if you frequently venture off the beaten path. This is a pretty amazing item and would make a great gift, too.
  • Garmin’s inReach Explorer®, is a must for safety, again for those who venture off the beaten path. Not only is it a satellite phone, but it can also set up emergency two-way communication even when you are FAR outside the reach of cell service. It can also provide navigational functions as well as weather information. It’s pricey, but it can be a lifesaver.

The video gives more details about all of these items. Check it out. There’s bound to be something you will find useful.



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