10 Camping Spots To Watch Out For In Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2


No one knows the positives and negatives of camping in gaming more than Call of Duty players. If you’re a COD enthusiast, you have no doubt been on the wrong end of a camper in a corner. And on the contrary, you have most definitely set up camp in a room or near an objective to net a few easy kills.

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In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, there are plenty of camping spots across its roster of maps. It’s important to know these spots, so you can either take advantage of them or make sure to check them. With that knowledge, you’ll never be caught by surprise in MW2.


10/10 Al Bagra Fortress – Stables

A camper goes prone in the hay at the stables of Al Bagra Fortress in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Al Bagra Fortress has a ton of doorways. You’ll find yourself ramming open door after door as you move from one area of this Modern Warfare 2 map to another. That makes camping almost a necessity here. An unconventional spot that will catch others off guard is in one of the two stables.

They are both filled with hay that can provide odd angles that enemies might not expect. You can also go prone and use the hay as a bit of camouflage. If you’re getting picked off by an opponent here, they’re in the open. You can just lob a grenade in there to clear it out.

9/10 Breenbergh Hotel – Penthouse

The player peeks out of the window in the Penthouse area of the Breenbergh Hotel map in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Objective modes like Search and Destroy and kill-based modes like Team Deathmatch will both let you benefit from camping at the Penthouse area of Breenbergh Hotel. It overlooks a wide open lobby that one of the bomb sites is in SND and is a popular location in TDM.

The room is deep enough, so you can fall back if you’re taking fire, but beware of your backside. An enemy can quickly ascend the stairs and bust down the door. Keep an eye out to prevent that from happening. Conversely, invade the room for a flank to stop someone else from camping here.

8/10 Crown Raceway – Blue Clubhouse

The Crown Raceway Blue Clubhouse location has a bar and other cabinets to give campers cover in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Crown Raceway is a wonderfully designed map with actual Formula 1 cars zooming around it. It is the inner portion of an F1 racetrack that has all the cover. One of the locations with the most amount of cover is the Blue Clubhouse area. It has a bar to hide behind, cubbies on the inside of the doors, and other counters that can block bullets.

It is easy to camp here and pick off enemies blindly running through the clubhouse. There aren’t many opportunities to look for kills outside the room, so you’ll have to be patient. Just watch out for any Killstreaks raining down on the building, as it has a glass ceiling that lets them fall right in.

7/10 Embassy – Administration Window

The Administration room on the Embassy mapped is perfect for a camper, with windows overlooking the middle lane.

Embassy has several buildings with multiple floors. These buildings have rooms with windows that will give you angles over much of the map. In the Administration building’s second floor, littered with shredded paper, you’ll be able to see the mid-lane of the map.

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It is tough to stop anyone from coming in through the two entrances from the hallway if you’re looking out the window, but you should be able to hear them running if they aren’t using Dead Silence. Like any good COD camping spot, you can counter someone else stationed here with some grenades or a fast push into the room.

6/10 Farm 18 – Operations Building

The camper is crouching on the roof of the Operations Building of the Farm 18 map.

The Operations Building’s rooftop on the Farm 18 map is a prime camping spot in Modern Warfare 2. It gives you a great view of objectives in modes like Search and Destroy and Domination, and it lets your team keep the spawns from flipping respawning modes.

You will be able to see anyone coming from the opposite side of the map. Two doorways exit the center building and pathways lead from the right and left. The rooftop gives you eyes on all of it. If someone else is up here, you’ll need to try to catch them while they’re looking another direction or climb the ladder behind them after wrapping the long way around.

5/10 Zarqwa Hydroelectric Basin

There Basin area of Zarqwa Hydroelectric is large body of water.

Zarqwa Hydroelectric is one of the most unique maps in Modern Warfare 2. There are various sections of water, which can take you underneath walkways and buildings, and up out the other side. It also has one giant body of water alongside the control room and tent areas of the map.

Camping in the water is simple. You jump in and use your guns as normal, but can dive underneath to avoid detection if you’re being attacked. The best way to counter someone from here is to keep your eyes on the water. Staying vigilant is the key.

4/10 El Asila – Radio Tower

The camper is prone on the transformer at the Radio Tower of El Asilo.

El Asila is a map with a large building in the center, surrounded by smaller points of interest. Atop a hill is one of those points of interest. The Radio Tower gives a vantage point of its entire side of the map. There’s the tower itself, a transformer, and going prone with the high ground that provide cover.

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A Hardpoint and Headquarters location pops up here during those modes and Team Deathmatch players rack up kills from this spot. It is easy to clear with grenades, but very difficult to follow up if those grenades don’t do any damage.

3/10 El Asilo – Front Yard

The Front Yard area of MW2's El Asilo is on top of a hill with a lawn chair and trees that overlooks most of the map.

The Front Yard is a large elevated area with a porch swing and trees to use as cover. It is in the far corner of the map, so the only way someone can come from behind you is if they somehow sneak around area and up the hill. You truly have a view of any angle someone could approach from.

Snipers will climb the leaderboard if they camp here. The soccer field down to the left is wide open for you to take out anyone trying to cross it. The balcony into the main building is in clear view to stop anyone from flanking teammates.

2/10 Taraq – Laundry Shop

A camper sits in a room at the top of the stairs in the Laundry Shop building of the Taraq map.

There is the Laundry Shop location in the middle of the Taraq map of Modern Warfare 2. It is a broken down building with a set of stairs that lead to the top. There is only one set of stairs, making that the sole entrance to the upper floor. On that upper floor, campers can watch the stairs or peek out a window to the south side of the map.

The rooms at the top of the stairs will prevent any killstreaks from doing damage. And the window allows for an easy exit if the other team closes in. This is one of those camping spots that might not get you a ton of kills if you stay here for long, but you can guarantee that you’ll survive there for most of the game if you want to.

1/10 Taraq – Nursery Balcony

The blue-lined Nursery balcony gives a view of the southern of the Taraq map.

The Nursery area of the Taraq map is in the northwest corner. There’s a basketball court, a fenced in play area, and a building that cannot be entered. On the back of that building is a balcony with no stairs to reach it. However, you can get there by climbing on the privacy wall and jumping onto it.

There are several crossings that the other team is bound to go through to try and get to your side of the map there. It lets you have eyes on all of them. The only downside is that there’s only cover if you go prone and even then, Killstreaks and thrown equipment will land there with no problem trying to take you out.

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