10 Best Coffee Mugs for Camping in 2023


When deciding to embark on your outdoor adventures, it’s crucial to make the most of each day. Just because you’re becoming one with nature, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice a quality cup of coffee. The magical beverage can bring you back from the dead the morning after a long, strenuous day of hiking. But more importantly, you’ll need a trusty, adventure-ready coffee mug to keep your brew warm on your next camping trip.

Choosing an exemplary coffee mug may seem like a walk in the park but there are enough options out there to leave you feeling buried. In our search for outdoor-friendly candidates, we considered the insulation capability, portability, and materials used for each piece of drinkware. After careful analysis, we’ve gathered together the ten best that we would feel confident bringing along for any camping trip. These quality cups can hold anything from a cup of joe to a cocktail and will last for years of backcountry escapades. 

GSI Outdoors Fairshare Mug

Best Overall Mug GSI Outdoors’ Fairshare Mug is, across the board, the most beloved camping mug available. A classic for the past 50 years, the 32oz vessel finally got an update a few years back and it’s still better than ever. The cloth-wrapped foam insulation sleeve can be removed to reveal the see-through polypropylene housing underneath, which is marked in case you need to measure coffee grounds (or liquor) on the fly. There’s also a twist-on lid that lets you store your beverage without spilling on the trail, and the carabiner clip-in point gives you the ability to hook it onto your backpack.

OtterBox Elevation 14

Best Runner-Up Mug With a really nifty leak-proof lid, the 14oz Elevation mug from OtterBox can keep your coffee at a desired temp for hours thanks to the 100% stainless steel walls with copper lining but also prevents leakage better than most of its competitors. Likewise, the “elevated” high-wall sipper makes it easier to endure hotter beverages by slowing down its contact with your mouth. Available in several colors and equipped with a comfortable handle, the mug features a bottom-heavy design that helps prevent tip-overs and sweat-resistant skin that evades rings.

RTIC Outdoors Coffee Mug

Best Budget Mug Boasting maximum temperature retention, the RTIC Coffee Mug will keep your coffee warm to help you stay toasty when you emerge from your camping tent. It’s made from non-toxic, non-leaching premium 18/8 stainless steel and features a built-in steel handle, making it easy to carry around throughout the morning. More budget-friendly than its similarly-constructed contemporaries, the mug also includes a splash-proof lid and a flip-top closure to resist spills. And thanks to the narrow bottom, it can fit in most camp chair cup holders.

Stanley The Legendary Camp Mug

Best Campfire Mug It’s hard to venture around the campsite without spotting a few of these guys. Spiking in popularity as of late, Stanley’s classic drinking mug is still as timeless as ever. Dubbed the Legendary Camp Mug, this double-wall, vacuum-insulated sipper is as straightforward as it gets, yet versatile because of it. Made of 18/8 stainless steel, it promises to keep your coffee hot for 90 minutes (or cold for 3 hours) and is affordable enough to buy a whole set for the family. Available in several attractive colorways, the mug also comes with a Tritan press-fit lid with a drinking spout that closes without making a splash.

MiiR Camp Cup

Best Style-Forward Mug It would be reasonable if you wouldn’t want to subject yourself to the bland colorways of most camping gear. With four size options from 8oz to 20oz, MiiR’s classic Camp Cup gives your beverage a longer life with its Thermo 3D double-wall vacuum insulation while looking fantastic in the process. Available in nearly 20 different colors, the BPA-free portable mug sports a splash- and shatter-proof Slide Lid that also keeps leakage to a minimum. Additionally, the minimalist 18/8 stainless steel housing precludes flavor transfer and is given an outside finish in Hardshell Powder Coat.

Sea to Summit X-Mug

Best Collapsible Mug Collapsible mugs can come in clutch when trying to save space in your camping backpack. Sea to Summit is a top-notch outdoor gear brand and its X-Mug is capable of withstanding temps up to 300ºF thanks to a BPA-free, food-grade silicone construction. Despite the flexible walls of the X-Mug, it’s also spill-resistant so you don’t have to worry too much about sipping on your cup of joe while wandering around your campsite to find the perfect view of the sunrise.

GSI Outdoors Infinity Backpacker Mug

Best Mug for Backpacking and Hiking Although it’s nice to sip your coffee in the morning around the campsite, sometimes an early-morning hike beckons and you need a vessel to take along for the ride. GSI appears twice in this guide, but for good reason: The outdoor gear brand makes two of the best camping coffee mugs available. This Infinity Mug is tailor-made for backpackers, with a clear, BPA-free polypropylene wall wrapped in an outer layer of recycled plastic for insulation. The webbing handle ensures that it doesn’t slip out of your hand but also gives you the ability to attach it to your backpack or belt loop. At just 3.5oz in weight, the mug still holds 17oz of liquid, which stays inside on your adventures thanks to the sealable sipping lid. If you want to use this at the campsite, the non-slip bottom keeps it on the table as well.

Boco BRuX Pour Over Coffee System

Best Coffee Maker Combo Mug Boiling water isn’t the only thing required to make a cup of coffee. You’ll also need a filter and a quality pour-over cone to get the job done. Funded on Kickstarter a few years back, Boco’s Pour Over Coffee System isn’t just your run-of-the-mill coffee maker either. Storing inside the mug itself, the retractable cone is made of food-grade plastic and ensures that minimal heat is lost during the brewing process since the unit brews directly into the stainless steel mug itself — and in 3 minutes or less! Holding 20oz of liquid, the mug can be sealed up with a vacuum-insulated sipping lid.

Best Made Large Enamel Mug

Best Enamel Mug They may not be vacuum-insulated like some stainless steel options, but enamel mugs offer a nostalgic experience that takes us back to the traditional camping days when glamping wasn’t even a word yet. Sporting the brand’s graphics on the outside, Best Made’s 20oz enamel mug is perfect for drinking coffee while making a statement and is large enough to double as a food bowl. When your trip is over, it still looks great as your everyday home or office mug.

Snow Peak Stainless Vacuum-Insulated Mug Set

Best Upgrade Mug Snow Peak has mastered the craft of lightweight outdoor gear. The Japanese brand’s Vacuum-Insulated Mug Set pairs its 450mL double-wall stainless steel mug with a sippable silicone lid that’s perfect for people on the move. Corrosion-resistant to last for years of camping trips, the mug sports a convenient folding handle for easier packing. Additionally, it’s able to hold up to 20oz of your favorite coffee, tea, or whiskey, depending on how you’d like to keep warm amidst the harsh weather of the backcountry.

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