10 Best Campsites In Western New York


Whether it’s the campfire marshmallows, the glowing light from the fluorescent moon, the quintessential lamp of nature now all set in a quiet, natural ambiance, or just the intimate talks by the fire as the night rolls by, camping is a refreshing experience. Forget about the irritating bugs. Ignore them. But better still, just carry bug spray. No animal, however tiny, should put a damper on such a blissful experience. And then the memories; memories that none can trade for the world.

For those in the Big Apple, campsites are, fortunately, a common feature. One doesn’t really have to scour the web for campsites in Upstate New York—even for free ones. Still, some of New York’s best campgrounds are just outside of New York City. In this article, we reveal the 10 best campsites in Western New York that campers should visit. With the right camping gear and perfect weather, a dream-like experience awaits.

10/10 Darien Lake’s State Park

Talk about killing two birds with one stone. Aside from the massive amusement park, ranked among the best six flag parks located in the United States, the campgrounds near the amusement park might just be Darien Lake’s true gem.

And wait a minute. We’re not in the 19th century when camping was hard and rough. The more than 140 campsites at this place come with electricity and, needless to say, hot showers.

  • How Far Is Darien Lake From Buffalo? Buffalo to Darien Lake is 29.5 miles.

9/10 Pope Haven Campgrounds – Randolph, NY

Campers at Pope Haven Campgrounds may want to first travel back in time and explore the oldest Amish settlement in the USA on New York’s self-guided Amish Trail before making their way to what is among the finest campgrounds in Western New York.

Nestled in the heart of Amish Country, Pope Haven Campgrounds are amazingly green and serene and offer Cabin rentals as well as golf cart rentals.

8/10 Evangola State Park

Campers can get their skin kissed by the sun at the many sandy beaches Evangola State Park is hugely famous for. And the shale cliffs that exude regal grandeur will be no less impressive.

The icing on the cake, however, will just have to be a night of camping at the more than 80 campsites that overlook Lake Erie and that are available to the public within the park.

  • What’s The Camping Fee At Evangola State Park?
    The park charges
    $15 for admission

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7/10 Robert Treman State Park – Ithaca, NY

On a stretch where beauty is abundantly spread around like confetti, sits one of the finest camping sites in New York. The park teems with head-turning gorges and a number of awesome waterfalls, the most stunning of which are near the upper entrance.

And for hiking, Robert Treman State Park has many scenic trails. What better way to conclude a visit than by camping?

6/10 Golden Hill State Park Campground

Golden Hill State Park, one of Western New York’s best winter destinations, is all about winding down and relaxing. It’s not action-packed like other sites.

For those who like the history and allure of lighthouses, this is the park to lace up for. And with the waters of Lake Ontario shimmering in the distance, camping here will be a fulfilling experience.

It would be a shame to miss the glorious sunsets this place is famous for. And for pin-drop quietness, few sites come close.

5/10 Evergreen Trails Campgrounds

Campers may not find cleaner cabins. Evergreen Trails Campground also has nice trails for walking while admiring the scenery.

And with spotless bathhouses, a quiet campground that features two beautiful ponds ideal for fishing, and an expansive environment that allows each camper to feel like they’re in a private spot, this site is a gem.

4/10 Chautauqua Gorge State Forest – Mayville, NY

45 acres of lush greenery await campers at Chautauqua Gorge State Forest where a creek is close enough that the sound of its running waters is one of the park’s highlights.

The greater Chautauqua Gorge State Forest area is so vast and offers a decent number of enjoyable activities including hiking.

  • How Much To Camp At Chautauqua Gorge State Forest?
    Camping here
    is free

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3/10 Allegany State Park

“Let freedom ring,” Martin Luther King Jr roared, “from the heightening Alleghenies of Pennsylvania.” Well, situated in Cattaraugus County, north of Allegany National Forest, here’s one of the best spots to replay the most famous speech in the world.

The park itself is divided into two large areas, the Red House Area in the north and Quaker Area in the south. Campers here will not want to miss Bear Caves and Thunder Rocks, a group of fascinating geological formations.

2/10 Sprague Brook Park

With hiking trails that are beautiful and scenic, a good variety of wildlife, a nearby pond to fish in, and a nice playground for kids, Sprague Brook Park is a New York jewel worth camping in.

1/10 Letchworth State Park

Also known as ‘The Grand Canyon of the East,’ there’s a reason Letchworth was once voted the ‘Best Park in the Nation.’

An Olympic-sized swimming pool, family-friendly campgrounds, and White Water Rafting on the Genesee River will make campers wonder why other campgrounds cannot be like this.


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